Better Than Sex? This Mascara Just Might Be.

Cady Lang

I’m an unabashed, unashamed mascara junkie. It doesn’t matter the type or brand. Volumizing, lengthening, thickening, or defining? I’ve tried it. Maybe it’s Maybelline or definitely it’s Diorshow? I’ve tried it.

My lashes are long, fairly thick, and super-straight, so my main concerns with mascara are avoiding clumps and maintaining length and thickness without veering into tarantula territory. Preventing these mascara faux pas, however, is harder than it sounds. Smudges, clumps, and uneven thickness (or not enough of it) seemed to haunt me until I tried Too Faced’s Better Than Sex ($23) mascara on the recommendation of one of my best friends.

Photo: Too Faced

Photo: Too Faced

“Better than sex” is a big claim to make, but Too Faced is living up to it because this mascara is pretty much the key to re-creating Sophia Loren‘s eyes—and if homegirl isn’t the ultimate sex symbol, then I don’t know who is.

The formula is light—not at all thick or gooey—and jet black, which makes it excellent for building to your desired amount of drama (for me, this means at least three coats because I am a Leo and we have no chill.) The fluffy, hourglass-shaped brush combs through your lashes without making them overly separated and spidery, and it actually extends your lashes and makes them fuller. In fact, every time I use it, someone stops me to ask if I’m wearing false lashes because it makes my lashes look THAT long.

Needless to say, I’m a very satisfied lady. And, hey, maybe when your lashes look this sexy, Too Faced is right: This mascara is actually better than sex.