Better Than Botox


Expected to hit stores and selected online sites this September, The Ultra Correction Lift by Chanel, is composed of a nutrient-dense formula.

Executive vice president of Fragrance and Beauté for Chanel, Christine Dagousset, told WWD “[Lifted and toned skin] also needs tensin, which is a protein naturally found in abundance in young skin.”

This essential anti-aging nutrient is bolstered by Elemi PFA, a key ingredient in Chanel’s Ultra Correction Lift line. The widespread use of Elemi — a complex extracted from trees — has continued since its original use as a skin healer in ancient Chinese medicinal practices.

Previous results show that elevated levels of tensin, induced by the abundance of Elemi PFA, help the skin to tighten and lift naturally.

On how to achieve wrinkle-free skin, Dagousset continued, “It’s about rebuilding the network inside the skin.”

And what better way to reconstruct than to really get underneath the surface.

The Ultra Correction Lift package includes four independently active agents: Sculpting Firming Concentrate, $165; Lifting Firming Day Fluid SPF15, $150; Lifting Firming Day Cream SPF15, $150; Lifting Firming Night Cream, $165.

Ultra Correction Lift will be available in the fall to everyone as part of Chanel’s worldwide campaign.