Betsey Johnson Inspires Massive Nail Art Appreciation

Summer K
Betsey Johnson Inspires Massive Nail Art Appreciation
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It’s no shocker that Betsey Johnson‘s fanbase extends to the beauty world. After all, the fun and funky designer is known for her whimsical prints and use of bright pops of color across the board.

So when it comes time to get our nails done, we’re not surprised at the dozens and dozens of nail art posts and blogs that pop up in our search window. From girlie florals to cheeky Hello Kitty hearts and bows, this is one lady that makes impact at the nail salon and beyond (and ironically she GOES to our nail salon, so we know what we’re talking about!).

Click through the slideshow above for ten of our recent faves. Just be warned: In Betsey’s world, subtely is definitely a dirty word.

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