YouTube Star Bethany Mota Shares Back-to-School Essentials: Here’s What to Shop

Augusta Falletta
bethany mota youtube

Image Courtesy Aeropostale

Welcome to Vlogger Month on Beauty High! For the month of July, we’ll be featuring some of our favorite vloggers on the site, and finding out exactly how they do what they do. You’ll see the fun tutorial videos you know and love, get the behind-the-scenes of a vlogger set-up and you can look forward to exclusive interviews with the ladies you love the best.

If you’ve spent just five minutes on YouTube in the past year, you’ve likely seen Bethany Mota’s name pop up. The 18-year-old YouTube star started her channel five years ago, her first few videos featuring her speaking quietly into her web cam (as to not let her family hear what she was doing). Bethany created her YouTube channel at a time when she was being bullied in school, and now, five years and over six million subscribers later, she’s created a beauty and fashion empire for herself, which most recently manifested itself into a clothing line with Aeropostale.

Following the success of the Bethany Mota clothing line at Aeropostale, the YouTube sensation branched out into her own fragrance with Aero. At her fragrance launch at Aeropostale in New York City, we caught up with Bethany to talk fragrance, her back-to-school beauty essentials, and more. Read on below for Bethany’s top picks, plus our suggestions of what you should be shopping for!

On making the jump from a clothing line to a fragrance with Aeropostale:
Bethany Mota: “Basically, Aero just approached me and said they thought it would be cool to do a fragrance. Me, always wanting to do that my entire life and never thinking that would actually happen, I jumped at the opportunity because I just found it so cool. I mean, I love fragrance myself, and I’ve always dreamed about doing that so it’s so cool. I do wear it every day, it’s just a little awkward when people ask me what perfume I’m wearing. I’m like, ‘This is me, this is just my natural scent.'”

Her back-to-school beauty essentials:
“BB cream, because it’s super light and also has SPF so it protects your skin. Also, white eyeliner. I love to put it on my waterline because in the morning when I’m really tired it wakes me up, and I feel like it just enhances everybody’s eyes. Also, a really good mascara. I personally love the double ended Bombshell mascara from CoverGirl, and also the ones that have the little fibers in them that attach to your lashes that look like you’re wearing falsies.”

What to shop for Bethany’s back-to-school essentials: 
For BB cream with SPF, try Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15, which is an amazing drugstore option for teenaged skin or Tarte BB Tinted Treatment with SPF 30, a mid-level option that works particularly well to make pores look smaller. As for white eyeliner, we’re partial to NYX Cosmetics Retractable Eyeliner, which gives you serious staying power for less than $5. Bethany loves the CoverGirl Bombshell mascara (and so do we!), and if you want to try a fiber-infused mascara, give L’Oreal Paris Voluminous False Fiber Lashes a try!

For more from Bethany Mota, head over to her YouTube channel!