8 Must-Follow YouTubers Who Know Their Way Around a Wig

8 Must-Follow YouTubers Who Know Their Way Around a Wig
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From short pixie cuts to Rapunzel locks, there are so many wig options out there that it’s hard to not try wearing one at least once. After all, what’s more perfect than wearing any style under the sun without a longterm commitment or potential damage to your natural hair? At the same time, though wearing one may seem like the perfect answer to all your hair woes, it isn’t as simple as throwing one on your head and heading out the door. If you want a wig to look good, there are small tweaks that could make a big difference and most of them can be learned through the best YouTube channels for wigs.

When I first started wearing wigs, I barely customized them, which left them looking very, for lack of a better word, wiggy, and nothing like the flawless versions on social media. However, thanks to Youtube, we’re all able to wig out more fabulously with the help of hair gurus who share advice that even beginners can keep up with. Here are 8 I recommend subscribing to. 

Peak Mill

Khadijah, aka Peak Mill on YouTube, is a magician when it comes to wigs. No seriously—pretty much every wig she touches looks so realistic that you’ll ask yourself “how?!,” even after watching a start to finish installation video. The YouTube Vet, who recently launched her hair collection, is goals when it comes to being the envy of all wigs. She never disappoints!


Whether she’s rocking a 14 inch lob or 40-inch platinum blonde strands, Aaliyah Jay always gives us wig-spo with her ever-evolving looks. Not only does she know how to slay a wig, but she’s also no stranger to posting detailed tutorials, showing every little detail of how to get a lace wig to look like the scalp. If you want to learn how to install a frontal or full lace wig properly, Aaliyah’s channel is a great starting point.

Arnell Armon

While making a wig may seem like a daunting task, Youtuber Arnell Armon makes the process look like a piece of cake. One of the best things about Arnell’s channel is that you typically get hair reviews and wig tutorials in one shot. So, if you’re not 100% sure what hair to purchase to make a wig, Arnell will share all the deets that you need before you spend your coins.


I think it’s safe to say that every wig wearer, beginner or veteran, wants their wigs to look like scalp aka as natural as possible. Whether it’s a high ponytail or soft finger waves, TailorMadeJane has all of the tips and tricks to help you step outside of your comfort zone while rocking a wig. 

Beige Opal 

The hardest part of rocking a wig, specifically a wig that requires you to leave some of your hair out, is figuring out how to make your wig blend with your natural hair. Fortunately for us, this is just one of Beige’s specialties! If you want to wear a half-wig, she’s your gal for tips on executing it the right way.

The Chic Natural

If you’ve gone to YouTube for natural hair tips, you may have come across Kim of TheChicNatural. Kim doesn’t only know how to perfect any wig she touches; she also gives viewers beneficial tips on protecting their natural hair while rocking a wig. Wigs are absolutely a protective hairstyle, and Kim shows us how to get the most out of them on her channel.


If there’s one YouTube beauty guru who isn’t afraid to play with bold colors and share every detail on how to achieve it, it’s Raschelle, aka Ms. Rosh Posh. From bold blue ombre to bright electric yellow, Raschelle can teach you everything you need to know about colored wigs and rocking them flawlessly. 


Not everyone is willing and able to invest hundreds of dollars into a single wig. Fortunately, there are Youtube channels with tons of reviews and tutorials on affordable wig options. Brtitney of TheHeartandCake90 shows us how to slay on a budget with detailed reviews of beauty supply store wigs that you can purchase on any budget. Everything you need to know about making a beauty supply store wig look natural, from blending with your natural hair to plucking a part, you can find right on her channel.