Best and Worst of Emmys Beauty

Rachel Adler

We’re not sure if last night’s Emmys lived up to the hype – but there are certainly things we’ll remember: Blake Lively’s flawless glow, Neil Patrick Harris making all of our dreams come true, and 30 Rock getting all of the credit they deserve. But, we also took away a few good and bad beauty memories with it. Below, are my best and worst beauty picks from the night:



All images from Bauer Griffin

Leighton Meester

Although I didn’t love her Bottega Veneta white gown, her makeup for the night was stunning. Her ruby red lips, smokey gray eyes and disheveled up-do were the perfect compliment to bring edge to her goddess gown.


January Jones

Since she always impresses on Mad Men, we knew she’d look amazing last night. I loved the dress, and her makeup was just the right compliment. The smokey eyes were offset by her pale pink lips in just the right way. And her hair was pulled into a low, messy bun (which was quite the trend of the night) to put all of the attention on the dress.


Mary-Louise Parker

I may just love this look because of my obsession with her show Weeds (who can’t fall in love with a pot dealing mom in the suburbs?), but her sparkling eyes, pale pink lips and low chignon are the perfect compliment to the bold color of her Zac Posen dress.



Jennifer Love Hewitt

I like the makeup, but the hair is just too long for the dress; it’s overpowering it. A nice, low bun would have been perfect and much more glamorous.


Lisa Edelstein

I am a huge fan of House (it premieres tonight!!!) – but what have you done with your eyes? You went around a few too many times with the eyeliner, and the hair is just too big. I’m sorry, but this one is a miss.


Phoebe Price

Then of course; Phoebe Price. What were you thinking?? The dress was bad enough, but the over-the-top makeup and pink blush to match. Unfortunately for you, we’re just not going to talk about this anymore.