The 10 Best Workouts You Can Do at Home

Victoria Moorhouse
Matt Dutile / Getty Images

Matt Dutile / Getty Images

Thinking you need a gym membership or your own personal trainer just to get fit couldn’t be farther from the truth. Those little luxuries will help you achieve your fitness goals, but we live in an age where, thanks to our ever-faithful friend the Internet, thousands of calorie-burning workouts are available to you at home through your laptop, phone, or tablet.

From calming beginners yoga to intense ab exercises you’ll feel the next day, we pulled together the 10 best workouts online, for a range of fitness levels, that you can easily perform in your own humble abode. So whether it’s too cold for your morning jog or you’re ready to see what your dumbbells can do, this list has got you and your bod covered.

Try a full-body workout from Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima‘s trainer, Michael Olajide, Jr. This video breaks down a series of calorie-burning and toning moves, like jumping rope, jabs with weights, and plenty of kickboxing techniques. Seriously, don’t mess with those Angels.

Jillian Michaels knows her stuff, especially when it comes to lower ab workouts. Get the scoop on moves that will help you strengthen your obliques and flatten your belly with this quick run-through that can easily be incorporated into a variety of routines or just used on its own.

A downside of at-home fitness videos is that you don’t always know if you’re performing the moves correctly. This video solves that problem by talking you through nine butt and thigh exercise moves and explaining where you should be feeling the burn.

This is one of those workouts you’ll be thankful you know when you’re on vacation and forgot to pack your hand weights. Learn how to use your own body weight to sculpt your biceps and triceps.

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You bought the weights, so use them! This video will take you through a series of arm exercises that incorporate your dumbbells. Remember to use the weight that works best for your fitness level.

Don’t let Chair Pose fool you. It’s not that easy. You don’t turn into a pro yogi overnight, so if you’re a total beginner, test out this relaxing video that makes the art of yoga a bit less daunting.

Barre workouts are super trendy right now—and you can complete the exercises at home with dumbbells, a table, and a chair. No excuses!

You don’t have to do crunches to work out your abdomen. This core workout video shows you how to lose the love handles.

So you might not like squats, but there is no denying that they’re totally effective. Make it fun by coordinating your moves to your favorite song. You can test out the trend with this video.

Got 15 minutes? Follow this video for a full body workout that specifically targets your butt, thighs, and abs.

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