The Best Workout Videos from YouTube — All Under 30 Minutes

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For those days when you don’t have the time to make it to the gym, pop open your computer instead. With thousands of workouts available on YouTube, you can get a full body workout in your living room — and best of all — most of them are under 30 minutes. We’ve perused the catalog of videos to bring you the best to start off your get-fit-quick makeover.

Get Victoria’s Secret Angel Abs
Get your Pilates fix at home with Cassey Ho, host of Blogilates, who offers short videos (under 20 minutes!) that target different muscle groups for fast toning. Our favorite of the bunch — the Victoria’s Secret Model Ab Workout. If the name doesn’t get you in your yoga pants, we don’t know what will.

Learn the Yoga Basics 
Before joining the yogis at the yoga studio, master the basics with Yogasync.TV that demonstrates even the simplest of poses, like Downward Facing Dog, with easy to follow narration. Mix and match the poses for your own custom-made class.

Work Those Gams
Fitness instructor Rebekah Borucki provides it all on BEXLIFE — the 411 on juice cleanses, how to meditate and, of course, her programs, like this 30-Day Squat Challenge that motivates you to come back daily for stronger quads, hamstrings and calves.

Upgrade the Standard Plank
Never knew there were so many different kinds of planks, now did you? Switch it up with’s fast guide to planks that target your entire core.

Burn for a Bikini Booty
From the beach babes at Tone It Up, you get a 10-minute workout that gives you a bikini booty that looks just as great in jeans year round. Plus, your arms get a killer kettle bell workout as well.

Sculpt Your Abs and Burn Fat 
Jillian Michaels’ Six-Pack Abs Workout is 30 minutes of fat-burning cardio that sculpts the abs as well as the arms and legs. The best part? There’s instruction for beginners and more advanced exercisers so you can continue to push yourself throughout the full six weeks.

Get Intense With a Bootcamp
Add boot camp workouts to your routine with the BCx Bootcamp videos that include jumps, kicks, pushups and everything in between. Ranging from 4-15 minutes, you can rev up your metabolism with a quickie in the morning or mix and match for a longer workout. Plus, fitness trainer Steve Pfiester words of encouragement will help you charge through.

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