The Winter Skin Care Products Beauty Editors Can’t Live Without

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Best Winter Skin Products
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There’s no dancing around it—cold winter air is a bitch. Yes, the snow is beautiful and we’ll never miss the opportunity to sip a hot peppermint latte, but let’s just say our skin is not in peak condition between the months of November and March. With the best winter skin care products, however, not all hope is lost.

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And there’s no time like the present—a.k.a. before winter hits—to prepare your skin for harsh elements to come.

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We tapped our office pool—beauty editors and photo directors alike—to find out how they keep their skin from looking dry and patchy in the winter without doing an entire (and expensive) product overhaul. Ahead, the one product nine STYLECASTER editors swear by to keep their winter skin from succumbing to the soon-to-be frigid temps.

Originally posted October 2016. Updated October 2017.

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“I like to beef up on the richness of my moisturizers in the winter, and CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream is incredibly thick and emollient yet somehow also light and non-greasy, allowing me to mainline hydration without suffocating my skin. It’s all thanks to ceramides and hyaluronic acid, which are gradually released while you sleep overnight.”—Cristina Velocci, managing editor

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This dimethicone-filled treatment feels as silky smooth as a primer, but it actually acts as an occlusive to seal in all of your skin's natural moisture. I'll slather it on right before bed, over my many, many rich moisturizers, and it helps my skin stay soft and hydrated while I sleep, so I don't wake up with that horrible tight-skinned feeling. I love it.” —Chloe Metzger, beauty editor

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"I love this serum because it instantly plumps my skin with moisture and nourishing properties, and even though it feels like more of an oil than a serum, it's suitable for my already oily skin."—Christina Grasso, social media manager

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This is my everything.”—Susan Kaplow, Chief Content Officer

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“I’m obsessive about keeping my hands moisturized and apply a lightweight lotion throughout the day in spring and summer. Once fall hits, this is my go-to. It keeps my hands soft no matter how brutal the cold is.”—Leah Faye Cooper, editorial producer

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“So this smells a little bit like a food truck and will repulse anyone you sleep next to—but you'll have literal baby skin. Luckily my husband’s nose is perpetually stuffed this time of year so we're a-ok.”—Melissa Medvedich, creative director

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“One thing that drives me nuts in the winter is that the skin under my eyes will dry out so much that I can't put on concealer without it flaking like crazy—which is a problem, since I also don't care to look like the walking dead. This Kiehl's serum is my best defense—if I start putting it on nightly before the cold really sets in, I'm usually in the clear.” Hilary George-Parkin, fashion editor

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This wintertime savior is the only mask I've ever found that soothes and deeply hydrates my sensitive skin without making me break out—and it actually makes my skin glow for about 24 hours afterward.”—Bibi Deitz, news editor

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“I swap out my normal face wash for crazy-moisturizing cold cream in the winter. It’s a cleanser and makeup remover, so it saves time in addition to being really gentle on my skin.”—Hannah Hickok, lifestyle editor

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“In the winter, I swear by Fresh’s Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask. It’s super thick and breathes life into even the driest, flakiest winter skin. I use it every other night in the dead of winter, which—if this week was any indication—is coming very, very quickly.”—Lauren Caruso, site director

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