Comfortable Grips to Keep Your Wig in Place All Day

Comfortable Grips to Keep Your Wig in Place All Day
Photo: Courtesy of Adobe.

If you’ve ever worn a wig and have long or shoulder-length hair, you know that attempting to secure it in place by itself is a virtually impossible task. Skipping a wig grip or cap of some sort not only makes your wig to slide out of place all day long, but it can also result in accelerated hair damage due to the increased tension on your natural hair underneath. In short, if you’re going to wear a wig—whether just for the night as a part of a costume or on the daily for commit-free hair versatility—if you’re going to rock the faux-hair, investing in a solid wig cap really is crucial for the look and your comfort.

While it may seem like one size fits all for wig grips, it turns out that that’s definitely not the case. While you may assume that it’s best to opt for a style that resembles your current hair color for natural-looking results, it’s actually best to find one that’s as close as possible to your skin tone—especially if you’re wearing a lace or frontal wig. If you’re still not quite sure what to look for, have no fear because we’ve rounded up some of our favorite wig grips to try for yourself below.

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1. MIlano Wig Grip

Milano collection wig grip

Courtesy of Milano Collection.

This comfortable yet sturdy wig grip is perfect for all-day wear that won’t leave you with a missing wig or a headache by the end of the day. The non-slip and super lightweight design makes it perfect for keeping your faux locks in place regardless of the climate.

2. BKPearl Wig Grip Set

BK pearl wig grip amazon

Courtesy of BKPearl.

This premium velvet-made set of wig grips is perfect for comfortable yet reliable hold and doesn’t require additional glue or adhesives to keep your unit secured throughout the day.

3. CINHOO Soft Swiss Lace Grip

CINHOO wig grip

Courtesy of CINHOO.

This ultra-thin and super breathable lace wig grip allows you to feel comfortable and cool while still feeling confident that your wig will stay in place. It’s also adjustable, so you can shorten or lengthen it to fit your head size.