These Top-Rated Wig Caps Guarantee Natural-Looking Parts and Comfy Protection

These Top-Rated Wig Caps Guarantee Natural-Looking Parts and Comfy Protection
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Wearing a wig without a wig cap is the hallmark rookie mistake most newbies make. Not only did this cause wigs to slide throughout the day; it also creates a lot of tension on natural hair when you take it on and off. Before I saw the light and went cap-free, I didn’t realize just how vital the best wig caps would be for my faux-hair experience. Long story short: whether you’re a novice or old pro, wearing a wig cap is absolutely necessary. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing one — the most important being the color. Once upon a time, everyone bought black wig caps or a cap that matched their natural hair color. However, experience has taught me it’s not the best idea if you want your wig to look natural. Instead, I recommend a wig cap that closely matches your skin tone. This is especially important for those wearing lace closure or frontal wigs because you want your parting space to look like your scalp, not the wig cap underneath.

Of course, you could always save time and pick up one at your local beauty supply. However, contrary to popular belief, wig caps are not created equal. In an effort to save you research time and a literal headache (incorrect wig placement hurts), I’ve rounded up five you can feel confident ordering online. Don’t forget the more, the merrier—wig caps tend to grow legs, so always have a few at your disposal.



Firstline Evolve Essential Neutral Wig Cap

When you think of wig caps, nylon material is usually what comes to mind. These relatively inexpensive caps may be no frills, but they get the job done. When it doubt, opt for neutral caps versus dark brown or black since their better match the color of your scalp.

$1.19 at Sally Beauty


Turban Plus.

Turban Plus Cotton Wig Liner Cap in Beige

The one downside to the standard nylon wig cap is that it can be somewhat drying on your hair and cause more tension than the usual and excess sweat. These cotton wig caps are made for women experiencing hair loss due to natural causes or health issues but are also a great option for those who simply don’t like nylon material.

$14.25 at Amazon





Akcie Flexible Wig Grip Band

This netted wig cap features an adjustable velcro closure to customize the fit of your wig cap so it can fit comfortably without causing a headache by the end of a long day. The velvet band in the front also provides you with extra security to keep your wig from sliding.

$8.99 at Amazon





Milano Collection Grip Cap

If you don’t glue down your wigs, you’ll especially love this wig cap equipped with a band to keep your wig from sliding throughout the day. Not only can you count on this wig cap keeping your wig on, but it’s also perfect for protecting your edges while sporting a wog.

$24.99 at Amazon



Rubie’s Costume Co Women’s Costume Wig Cap

Though this wig cap is intended for costume wigs, it’s perfectly fine for everyday use. You’ll quickly learn that wearing a cap creates a lot of heat on your scalp, which ultimately leads to sweat. Of all the wig cap options, netted wig caps are the most breathable.

$6 at Amazon

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