The 7 Best Weight-Loss Apps To Help You Slim Down

Kristen Bousquet
The 7 Best Weight-Loss Apps To Help You Slim Down
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When it comes to slimming down (or just staying fit), we want to things the right way, but between counting calories, food journaling and timing exercises, it’s a big commitment—one we often don’t have extra time for.

That’s why we’re thankful that today’s digital advances have spilled over into the diet and exercise realm, because with iPhones and apps, we can simultaneously be lazy and active at the same time! Instead of stressing about the distance you ran or how many calories those french fries are, your iPhone can do the work for you. To that end, We’ve rounded up the 7 best weight-loss apps that you can download (mostly for free!) on your iPhone to help you stay skinny on the go.

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1. Nutritional Coaching by Rise

Probably the coolest app ever, Rise pairs you with your own nutritional coach. Your coach is an actual person who can give you individualized advice on the daily to help support your weight loss. How does it work you ask? You choose a coach who will customize a plan for you. Each day you snap a photo of what you’re eating. Your coach will get back to you with tips and feedback in order for you to get healthier.

Price: The app is free, but you pay $18/week or $48/month for your personal nutritional coach.

2. Diet Assistant

Receive healthy, personalized diet plans that include things like grocery lists and more. This app will work for whatever type of diet you’re on—from vegetarian to low carb. This app also includes a weight-loss tracker, BMI calculator, diet and weight loss tips and more.

Price: Free

3. MyFitnessPal

As tedious as it is to read the back of the box or have to ask for a Nutritional Guide at a restaurant, this app takes all the extra work out of it. This calorie-counting application is super easy to use. You start by entering your current weight, amount to excercise you (hope to) get and your ideal weight. Each day you can enter what you eat into the search bar and it will automatically figure out the calorie count for you. The app features nutritional values for tons of restaurants nationwide. And it has a barcode scanner if there’s an item that you can’t find!

Price: Free

4. Lose It!

It’s time to lose it! With this app, you can set daily goals and calorie allotment that can help you meet those goals. You log your food and exercise into the system and you’ll be able to view daily proteins, carbs, and fats. You can also share your success stories on Facebook and Twitter.

Price: Free

5. Weight Watchers Mobile

For anyone who’s ever tried out the Weight Watchers, it can be annoying to keep a notebook with you at all times to track how many points per day that you’re using. WW Mobile makes your life a little easier since you can track your points through the app! Also, it’s easy to find out how many points you are using since there’s a restaurant finder and a bar code scanner!

Price: The app is free, but you have to pay a monthly fee of $18.95 to join Weight Watchers.

6. Gym Pact

Sometimes getting to the gym is harder than giving up dessert. This application motivates you because on top of getting a great workout, you can also earn cash! You make a pact with other users and you have to pay if you don’t hit the gym! And no, you can’t cheat! There’s a GPS software that actually sees if you check in at the gym.

Price: Free

7. Nike + Running

If you can trust anyone to help you lose weight, it’s Nike. They’re a huge name is sports and they don’t mess around. This app uses your phone’s GPS and records the distance of your run as well as the pace and time of each run. You’ll hear a congratulations message when you hit each mile. You can even have group runs or share your success over social media.

Price: Free

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