This is The Best Way to Clean Your BeautyBlender, According to the Internet

This is The Best Way to Clean Your BeautyBlender, According to the Internet
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There are a few truths universally acknowledged at this point in our lives: 1. We’ll never know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, 2. We’ll never know why good hair moments happen at night, when nobody is around to see them, and 3. We’ll never truly know if we’re cleaning our BeautyBlenders the most-efficient of ways.

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Because if you Google “how to clean a BeautyBlender” right now, almost four-million results will pop up, each with its own special little trick or hack that somebody swears by. But how do you know they really work? So when someone on Reddit asked the very important question of how exactly people deep-clean their BeautyBlenders, we listened, took notes, and finally answered one of the unanswerable questions. This, folks, is how you clean your sponge, according to the internet.

clean skin This is The Best Way to Clean Your BeautyBlender, According to the Internet

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“I’ve been able to get mine 100% clean whenever I wash them,” wrote one user, Vanyamuina, who uses “one-part olive oil, one-part dish soap, one-part water” for the solution. “Mix it up, soak up some in your BeautyBlender, and then run it under hot water, squeezing it over and over. I do this about three times per sponge, then I clean it regularly with a face wash and hot water. Make sure you clean it well, or it will dry and have an oily residue feel to it.”

Uh, what? Did our brains just explode? Unlike most solutions that just call for baby shampoo and water, which actually have no disinfectant properties, this mixture both destroys bacteria and gunk, thanks to the dish soap, while conditioning the sponge to prevent it from breaking down with repeated washes. “I love this trick!,” writes the user. “Leaves my sponges insanely clean!” We would like to thank the internet for this new nugget of knowledge, and we will meet you all on the other side, clean sponges a-flyin’.

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