10 Completely Vegan Makeup Brands to Shop Right Now

Rachel Krause
10 Completely Vegan Makeup Brands to Shop Right Now
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Kat Von D recently made an announcement that proved pretty major for fans of her eponymous makeup brand: Each and every product in the line, which has been a cult favorite since its 2008 launch, would be reformulated to attain 100-percent vegan status. Many of the offerings already fell under this category, but not all of them, so Kat upped the ante by declaring that her products would become vegan-friendly, not just cruelty-free, across the board.

The tattoo-artist-turned-makeup-mogul may be a hardcore vegan herself (her Instagram bio reads simply “Vegan as fuck”), but you don’t have to swear off everything an animal has ever touched to understand the benefits of switching to vegan makeup—the biggest benefit being that absolutely nobody needs to use ingredients derived from dead animals and tested on live ones in their beauty routine. (And if you do follow a vegan diet, it makes perfect sense to opt for vegan beauty products, too.)

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It’s not half as crunchy as it sounds, promise: By definition, a product that’s vegan just means it’s made without animal testing or byproducts, including common animal-derived components like beeswax, lanolin, and carmine (the latter of which makes your blush and lipstick red by way of crushed beetles). It does not need to be handcrafted with a mortar and pestle by a barefoot earth mother breastfeeding in the forest to be categorized as vegan; in fact, there are countless brands already serving up totally animal-free makeup, and you may not even realize that they’re lurking in your local Sephora or your Instagram feed.

Here, 10 of the best 100-percent vegan makeup brands on the market to shop regardless of whether or not you’d choose a block of tofu over a burger.

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Cover FX
This brand gets a serious thumbs-up for its winning combination of high-quality ingredients and comprehensive lineup of everything you might need for your makeup routine. The brand's hallmark customizable drops, which enhance products you already have in your collection, are particularly good.

Photo: instagram / @coverfx

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
This longtime vegan fave is one of the best sources of poppy, versatile formulas at reasonable prices—and it goes without saying that the budge-proof, boldly pigmented Lip Tar is the stuff of legends.

Photo: instagram

If you're all about lipstick, all of the time, Axiology is going to change your life … or your lip color game, at the very least. It's a fairly new brand, but there are already 22 shades on the docket, ranging from a sheer iridescent balm to deep matte black and everything in between. The ingredients list consists of nothing but familiar waxes, butters, and oils that definitely occur in nature.

Photo: instagram / @axiology_beauty

Seriously, what's not to love about e.l.f.? The quality is excellent, the product range is comprehensive, every single item is cheap AF (like, $3 cheap), and it's vegan and cruelty-free. Praise. Its new skin-care offerings and beauty tools are pretty damn solid, too.

Photo: instagram / @elfcosmetics

Everyday Minerals
This brand has a lot in common with the BareMinerals of yore, when the latter's mineral powder foundation was the only game in town. That said, it isn't just foundation that Everyday Minerals offers in mineral powder form: You'll also find color correctors, primers, bronzers, eyeliners, and a to-die-for tinted lip balm that comes in ten different shades, all at very reasonable prices—and before you ask: No, the brand doesn't sacrifice pigment for earth-friendly ingredients.

Photo: instagram / @everydayminerals

Jeffree Star Cosmetics
Don't judge: Jeffree Star's vegan makeup is the truth. His cosmetics collection has received plenty of praise since its launch in 2014: Star's fan base and sell-out rate rivals Kylie Jenner's, and his nondrying matte liquid lipsticks might just be the best on the market, if you catch my drift. The Skin Frost highlighters are major, too.

Photo: instagram / @jeffreestarcosmetics

Lime Crime
This brand has been around for ages, and was one of the first to make liquid lipsticks a bonafide Thing. The newly launched Superfoils, a line of sparkly metallic shadows that mimic the look of—you guessed it—foil, are definitely worth a try. If you grab them before they sell out, that is.

Photo: instagram / @limecrimemakeup

Modern Minerals
With an ethos that alludes to alchemy and other New Age principles, this brand gets the whole hippie-goes-bourgeois thing right. Mineral powders—in chic minimalist packaging that would look great in an Instagram flat lay—make up the bulk of the lineup, but you'll find lip glosses, brushes, and some lovely facial mists, too.

Photo: instagram / @mo.mi.beauty

Sunday Riley
OK, so makeup isn't exactly the focal point of the Sunday Riley collection; it's the (really, really amazing) face oils and other skin care that get all the attention. But hear me out: The Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer is one of the best skin-perfecting products money can buy. It's sheer, lightweight, and perfect for wearing on its own or layering under a foundation for more coverage, and most important, it makes skin look flawless.

Photo: instagram

Au Naturale
Superior high-end formulas and cruelty-free practices can coexist, and this line, which comes complete with everything you'd come to expect from a prestige brand but vegan, is proof. Everything the brand makes is great, but the Lip & Cheek Tints are especially hoard-worthy.

Photo: instagram / @aunaturalelife

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