The Best Updos for Fall (That Only Take 10 Minutes)

Victoria Moorhouse

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We turn to updos when weather is steamy, but they’re just as practical come fall. In fact, there’s no other type of hairstyle that will call attention to your perfect chunky scarf better than a sleek updo. Whether you opt for a messy bun or a twist on the ponytail, there’s a simple style for you. These are the quickest and best updos for fall—we know you’ll love them.

ponytail twist fall updos


The Ponytail-Twist.
To get this look, separate your hair into two unequal sections—1/3 of hair on the top and 2/3 for the bottom. Tightly twist the top and incorporate it into a low ponytail. To keep the twist in place, work through a braid cream or a lightweight gel with a slight hold.

fall braided updos


The Braid Crown.
Hair is an accessory and there’s no other ‘do that proves it more than a milkmaid braid. Split your hair in half, then loosely braid each side before flipping them up and pinning them on to of your head. Be sure to “pancake” out your plait (or loosen it up by pulling gently on each side) before securing.

faux bob


The Faux-Bob.
Fake shorter hair—without actually cutting any off—with a faux bob. They’ve made it big on the red carpet, showing up on celebs from Emma Stone to most recently, Kerry Washington at the Emmys. Curl your locks with a narrow-barrelled curling iron, then lightly tease with a natural-bristled brush. Coil the longer sections around your fingers and pin them up under your hair with bobby pins, pulling the shorter sections of the top layers out for an undone, bob-like look.

braided twist updos


The Braided Twist.
Combine a simple twist with a braided bun to recreate this stunning look that can be worn just about anywhere, from your best friend’s wedding to a regular Wednesday at the office. Simply comb your hair back and seperate into three sections. Twist the sides back behind your ears, then braid the three pieces together into a long tail. Coil the braid around like a bun, secure with hairties, and voila!

half up updos


The Half-Up Plaits.
Not entirely into updos? That’s where the half-up ‘do comes in. Pull inspiration from this look but simplify it by creating two tiny braids on either side of your head. Cross them over each other in the back and pin them into place.

low ponytail updos


The Low Pony.
The low ponytail is having a moment. Get it right by first blowing out your hair to get the texture super smooth and to create volume at the root. Next, pull back all your hair at the nape of your neck and secure with a clear elastic. If you have bangs, lightly curl them at the root and brush them into the rest of your hair for a chic look like this.

looped bun


The Textured Knot.
Upgrade your messy bun with this textured look. We love how the ends of the half were wrapped around the base of the hair tie and secured with U-shaped pins.

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