We Tried Out 3 Teeth Whitening Systems at Very Different Price Points: Everything You Need to Know

What better way to embrace the winter-white trend than with a pearly white smile? That’s the question we asked ourselves after realizing that a fresh white smile can make you look younger, more attractive, and more successful—who wouldn’t want that?

To help simplify the world of whitening, we tried out several systems at a range of price points and nailed down the 3 best that’ll keep your teeth as dazzling as the fresh (and, lately, abundant) snow.

LaVaan Whitening

StyleCaster editor Sam Lim testing out LaVaan.

Price: $395/session
Can I do it at home? No

The LaVaan experience is a like a day spa for your mouth. They have a beautiful New York office designed all in white, where I was presented with a menu of services that ranged from a simple dental cleaning for $89 (an amazing deal, especially with no insurance necessary) to a VIP package of whitening + teeth cleaning for $450, and a bunch of other special services like wedding packages and in-home treatments.

I opted for a simple standard Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed whitening session since I only had an hour. After a quick consultation with a dentist, a hygienist inserted a big rubber mouth piece and protective padding into my mouth, which wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as it looked (see above). From there, a whitening gel was painted on my teeth and I sat under a UV light for two 15-minute sessions (aka the duration of half of last week’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” episode, which was playing on the TV next to my chair.)

By the end of the session, my teeth had moved from a 5 to a 2 on a whiteness chart and I felt like a whole new person. It’s been about a week and I have zero sensitivity and one bright white smile. It was such a lovely experience  that I’ve already booked a cleaning for next week. 
—Samantha Lim 

glo brilliant We Tried Out 3 Teeth Whitening Systems at Very Different Price Points: Everything You Need to Know

Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device
Price: $199
Can I do it at home? Yes

Upon taking this out of the box, my first thought was “what IS all this?” Basically, the at-home system looks like an old-school iPod and comes with a bunch of parts that are—despite my initial impression—a cinch to use. GLO uses patented Guided Light Optic (get it? Glo!) technology and blue LED light. The device actually warms up and—between the light and the gentle heat—accelerates pre-packaged whitening gel that I applied to the comfortable mouthpiece.

I used the system for five days and I noticed a big difference. Not only did my teeth looked brighter, but I didn’t experience any pangs of sensitivity I had with whitening strips in the past. What’s so cool about this system is that although it’s somewhat pricey, you’re actually getting clinical-strength results from the comfort of your own home. Plus, you can buy gel refills at Sephora, so it’s super-convenient.
—Perrie Samotin

Colgate Optic White original copy

Colgate Optic White
Price: $35.99

Can I do it at home? Yes
“My first experience with teeth whitening began and traumatically ended with my first go with 1-hour white strips. Long story short: I ran to a meeting, forgot they were still in my mouth, took a sip of coffee and heard a gross “plunk” into my mug. Not only was the experience mortifying, but my boss actually sent an email prohibiting the use of white strips in our office. Yikes. So you can only imagine how excited I was to hear that the power of whitening strips is now available in a high-impact toothpaste.

After only using it for four days, I’ve noticed an incredible difference and my teeth are finally beginning to match the color of toothpaste.  The best part about this whitening method isn’t only the convenience of being able to work it into a daily routine, but you don’t experience sensitivity—important, since I’m an “extra hot” coffee drinker.”

I’ve been using the product for two weeks now and—true story—people have come up to me and asked where I got my whitening done. This is definitely a good bang for your buck.”
Steffe Moreno