Best Summer Scents: 7 Lotions That Deliver

Emily Albrent
As your recent purchase from Forever 21 can prove, summertime is all about minimal clothing and maximum skin. This time of year is ideal for soaking up rays and showing off your shoulders. While wearing a pair of studded denim cutoffs is on trend, showing so much leg does pose one important issue: dry skin. If the words “cracked,” “thirsty,” or “desert” can be used to describe any part of your body, head to the closest convenience store and get yourself a bottle of Dove Body Lotion.
Hydration isn’t the only important part of your lotion. Finding a product that moisturizes while delivering a fresh summer scent is a win-win situation. In the interest of helping ladies everywhere get their best skin and scent combination, we put together our list of our favorite scented lotions for the season. Take our advice and load up on lotion before donning a mini skirt this weekend.
Flip through the slideshow above and tell us which scented lotion you’re going to use this summer! 

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