The 5 Best-Smelling Hair Products We’ve Ever Tried

Rachel Krause

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Fragrance is a very tricky, very personal thing, so while we can recommend perfumes until we’re blue in the face, there’s still no guaranteeing that the ones we love will work just as well for you. However, subtle, easy-to-wear scents are kind of our forte—sometimes all it takes is one suggestion to turn someone on to a fragrance they’ll fall in love with.

Our favorite way to wear some fragrance without really wearing it is with scented hair styling products just after we’ve washed with our shampoo and conditioner. It’s the perfect approach to infusing a scent that sort of wafts around you in a really soft, never overpowering way, so anyone can get down with these universally beloved scents. These 5 best-smelling hair products are among our favorites for fragrance on the DL that really lasts. Go ahead, skip perfume—or don’t.

Hair Products-MoroccanoilWe know, we know—no surprise here. But no matter how many years it’s been on the market, we’ll never get over (or find anything quite like) the signature deep, smoky vanilla fragrance Moroccanoil Treatment is known for. We know we’re not the only ones, because the original formula spawned an entire line of hair and body care products with the very same scent. Next up: perfume? We can only hope.

Hair Products-A Beautiful LifeCoconut-scented beauty products toe a delicate line between smelling heavenly and smelling artificial, and we’re pleased to confirm that A Beautiful Life Pre Game Texturizing Spray smells just like the real thing. It hits the sweet spot of being both exactly what we want to smell like all summer and being a genuinely great product: it combines argan oil and aloe with two different types of salt for the perfect breezy, sexy, healthy hair look.

Hair Products-KerastaseWe don’t know what it is about the smell of fresh laundry, but anything that even remotely calls the nostalgic scent gets our vote. Kérastase Nutritive Lait Vital has one of the lightest, freshest fragrances we’ve ever found in a hair product, like a seaside breeze or, well, laundry that’s just been removed from the dryer. There’s nothing floral or sweet about it, so if you like an incredibly subtle scent, a dollop of this hydrating cream may be all you need.

Hair Products-AmikaAmika Perk Up Dry Shampoo has got everything: a loyal cult following, real efficacy, and above all, the hands-down best fragrance we’ve ever found in a dry shampoo. It’s a rich, complex floral that smells, well, just about nothing like most other dry shampoos. No sickly sweetness, no chemical-y notes—it’s a cozy, genuinely delightful vanilla-tinged floral that we’d happily wear as perfume.

Hair Products-CaudalieThe best thing about Caudalie Divine Oil is that it’s multipurpose, so you can use it anywhere, whether it’s to gloss up your legs, moisturize your face, or make your hair glow. The next best thing about it is how incredible it smells, thanks to a subtle, sunny infusion of oils that contains both luscious floral and deep woodsy notes. Coat yourself in it from head to toe, if you feel so inclined.

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