According to Experts, Sleeping on Your Stomach is ‘The Worst Thing’

Liv Kelleher

best sleeping positionsPhoto: YouTube

Snoozing on your stomach is comfy, sure, but according to experts, it’s not the best sleeping position for anyone. In fact, it can be downright harmful.

New York chiropractor Dr. Jan Lefkovitz recently spoke with Business Insider about the detriments of sleeping on your stomach and, according to him, “it’s the worst thing.” Not only is your spine is in constant rotation, which is neither comfortable nor healthy, but it contributes to hours of restless sleep. Not to mention, tighter neck, shoulder, and back muscles, which can all seriously alter your mood and leave you in a constant state of discomfort.

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When you sleep on your stomach, chances are, you’re turning your head to one side, rather than sleeping face down on the pillow. When you rotate your head to one side, your spine is thrown out of alignment and extra pressure is placed on your neck.

The solution? Dr. Lefkovitz recommends investing in a body pillow. Not only are they comfortable to cuddle with, they prevent you from rolling over onto your stomach mid-sleep. By wrapping yourself around the pillow—one knee on each side—your pelvis is supported, which prevents your hips from rotating out of alignment, which can cause lower back pain.

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Another strong case for not sleeping on your stomach? Women spend thousands of dollars a year on skin care products to keep their skin and face young, and face-planting on a pillowcase for eight hours a night isn’t doing us any favors.