The Best Skincare Tools on Amazon — As Recommended by Derms & Estheticians

The Best Skincare Tools on Amazon — As Recommended by Derms & Estheticians
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Have you ever caught yourself asking what life was like before Amazon? Same. There are very few things you need or want on the daily that you can’t just grab on Amazon. Not to mention how incredibly easy things like Amazon Prime’s “Buy Now” buttons make shopping, One category that has been a bit under the spotlight for Amazon finds is skincare. In reality, some of the best skincare tools are sold on the site.

To guide you through the endless world of Amazon skincare, we called on some experts to share their must-have items. We trust these dermatologists, estheticians and beauty brand founders for their expert advice. Of course, we asked them to share what they love about them and even how to use them, too. Get ready to learn all the tricks you need to know to tackle your at-home skincare like a pro.

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BOETECO reusable cotton swabs


Reusable Silicone Swabs

“A set of reusable silicone swabs are a must-have for safe, at-home pimple popping,” says Dr. Zenovia Gabriel, MD, FAAD, founder of Dr. Zenovia Hormanal Dermatology. “Silicone swabs are the perfect, unconventional tool to pop whiteheads and extract blackheads at home.” 

For “juicy, ready-to-pop whiteheads,” Dr. Zenovia recommends the following steps:

  1. Scrub the pimple gently with a warm washcloth. The warm water will help loosen the debris and make extracting the pore a bit easier.
  2. If the pimple is still not popping after using a warm washcloth, roll two clean swabs over the whitehead. Change the direction of the swabs so that you can move toward the pimple from all angles. For blackheads, roll two swabs towards the pimple, pushing deeper into the skin (rather than simply rolling them in).
  3. Finish by cleansing the skin with warm water.
  4. Apply an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, healing product like Dr. Z’s own Dr. Zenovia Skincare 5% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Spot Treatment ($25 at Sephora).
  5. Sanitize your reusable swabs with soap and warm water.


amazon face roller


3D Roller Face Massager

“I am a huge fan of increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage [by facial massaging and steaming],” says Rachel Roff, licensed esthetician and founder of Urban Skin Rx. “It is a great way to be proactive about early signs of aging and facial puffiness. Blood flow is essential to your skin repairing itself, and overall get the skin’s cellular function working optimally.”

vanity planet steamer

Vanity Planet.

Facial Steamer

Roff also loves a facial steamer, like this one from Vanity Planet . “The results are instant with the steamer,” she says. “Steam is amazing for all skin types but especially those with congested pores. It opens up pores and allows deeper product penetration of essential ingredients to get better results while minimizing clogged pores. Steam is also relaxing, and stress affects your skin by releasing free radical damage that leads to premature signs of aging and even acne.”

Roff favorite times to do a facial massage are after a plane ride or a night of a few too many drinks. Here are her easy steps.

  1. Start by cleansing your skin with your favorite cleanser while your steamer is going. Roff’s own brand, Urban Skin Rx, has a great LacticGlow MicroPolish Gentle Cleansing Gel ($28 at Amazon ). Another option is to steam for 5-10 minutes after rinsing away the cleanser.
  2. Follow with your favorite serums and moisturizers. Try Urban Skin Rx Hydrafirm+ Brightening Serum with Hyaluronic Acid ($58 at Amazon ) and Neutrogena Hydro Boost Fragrance-Free ($17.02 at Amazon ).
  3. Give yourself a facial massage with the face roller, always rolling up and out. Doing skincare first allows the massager to run over the skin with less pulling and friction.
Skin Scrubber Blackhead Comedones Extractor The Best Skincare Tools on Amazon — As Recommended by Derms & Estheticians


Skin Spatula

“When working with clients, I usually go over the skin with the ultrasonic scrubber directly after exfoliation,” says Essence Moore, licensed esthetician and owner of Lineage Skin & Hair Studio. “This helps to make professional extractions more efficient. I enjoy this device for the treatment room and home care because it helps to reduce the likelihood that clients will try at-home manual extractions, which could lead to scarring and hyperpigmentation.”

We love skin spatulas, too. Here’s an easy way to use one.

  1. Wash your face and remove your makeup.
  2. Apply a toner, cream or essence to ensure your skin is moist before using the scrubber.
  3. Gently glide the spatula over the skin, concentrating on more congested areas.
Jill Glow Starter Kit The Best Skincare Tools on Amazon — As Recommended by Derms & Estheticians


Facial Razor

“Facial shaving has become increasingly popular for women in their skincare routine,” says Dr. Dustin Portela
board-certified dermatologist and TikTok sensation. “I recommend twice-monthly shaving with the Jill Razor as a way to exfoliate and promote better penetration of topical serums. Facial shaving helps my patients maintain clear skin and get more mileage from their skincare products. Removing excess dead skin promotes radiance and glow to the skin with safe at-home practice.”

Always be careful when using a razor! Here are a few tips.

  1. Hold the skin taut with one hand and the razor at a 45-degree angle.
  2. Gently graze the skin with short strokes only applying a tiny bit of pressure.
  3. Wash the razor off after each use.
Clean Skin Club Disposable Sensitive The Best Skincare Tools on Amazon — As Recommended by Derms & Estheticians

Clean Skin Club.

Biodegradable Face Towels

With close to 4,000 rave reviews, Amazon reviewers — like the at-home pros they are — sing the praises of Clean Skin Club towels , the first biodegradable face towel, according to the brand. One reviewer shares that the towels came as a recommendation from her esthetician and has since been a “holy grail” in her at-home skincare routine. Towels carry bacteria that may cause breakouts. Though routinely washing your face cloths and towels can help keep bacteria from invading your pores, if you don’t have an in-unit washer and dryer, that can be a huge pain. Try these biodegradable towels that you can toss after every use.

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