Chic Silk Hair Ties That Are Gentle on Your Locks

Alicia Kort
Chic Silk Hair Ties That Are Gentle on Your Locks
Photo: Julia/Adobe.

When you wrap that little elastic multiple times around your hair, you probably don’t think about what damage it’s doing to it. Hair ties definitely do save us from having to deal with our hair in our faces all day long, but there are some not-great side-effects. You might notice that more of your hair is pulled out of your scalp and that your hair experiences more breakage when you put your hair up. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sacrifice hair ties. There’s another option: Silk hair scrunchies. They can save you a lot of grief (and hair). 

The elastic is still buried underneath that smooth, shiny silk, but the silk keeps it from digging into your hair and causing breakage. The material is just naturally more gentle on your hair—plus, it looks so much more stylish. Some high-end scrunchies are actually designed to make your hair look even better. They can reduce dreaded static, while providing your hair with protein and amino acids, which helps hydrate your hair. 

For all of these reasons, we rounded up the best silk hair ties for you.

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1. Mulberry Park Silks Hair Scrunchies


Mulberry Park Silks Hair Scrunchies

Mulberry Park Silks.

These scrunchies are made out of charmeuse silk, which boast the ability to moisturize and hydrate your hair. We didn’t know scrunchies could do that either, but these contain 18 proteins and amino acids that’ll gently revitalize your hair. You won’t pull out any hair removing these scrunchies. There are small (pictured) or large scrunchies available in four differently shaded sets.

2. Mcupper 40 Pcs Hair Silk Scrunchies

If you want to go all in on the silk scrunchie trend, opt for this set. You get a whopping 40 silk scrunchies. Made out of satin, these washable hair ties will be gentle on your hair. All of the hair ties are in unique shades, ranging from emerald green to sky blue. There are more than five different shades of pink represented in this set of hair ties.

Mcupper 40 Pcs Hair Silk Scrunchies


3. WATINC 14 Pcs Bowknot Hair Scrunchies

For those who love a vintage aesthetic, they should check out this set. Unlike your average hair tie, these have bowknots at the end, which will mix in nicely with your hair, creating a hair-scarf look. Made out of soft silk, these hair ties won’t pull on your precious locks when you take them out after a long day. You get 14 scrunchies in this set, ranging in color from pale pink to a rich velvety blue.

WATINC 14 Pcs Bowknot Hair Scrunchies


4. Slip Silk Scrunchies Mega Set

Slip Silk Scrunchies Mega Set


You get a little bit of everything in this silk set. You get two big silk scrunchies, which are great for sleeping, and five small scrunchies, which are made for everyday use. The scrunchies won’t tug or cause breakage in your hair.

5. Kitsch Pro Satin Scrunchies

Kitsch Pro Satin Scrunchies


The Kitsch scrunchies are wider than many options, so they’re not as tight around your delicate hair. The scrunchies are made out of satin and come in a wide variety of colors, including blush, leopard and stripe. There’s even a mixed pack available.