Rejuvenating Sheet Mask Sets for Your Self-Care Days

Alicia Kort
Rejuvenating Sheet Mask Sets for Your Self-Care Days
Photo: Yakobchuk Olena/Adobe.

Is it really a weekend if you don’t put on one face mask? We don’t think so. Whether you’re into Self-Care Sundays or not, you have to admit that weekends were tailor-made for face masks. You can slap a sheet mask on your face and catch up on your latest TV obsession while the face mask does the hard work of fixing and healing your face. It’s so important to give your skin some TLC on weekends. You should always have a reliable set of masks on hand. 

That’s why we rounded up the best sheet mask sets for you. With these packs, you get a minimum of 10 or a maximum of 24 unique masks. Whether you have dull skin or are trying your hardest to get rid of some dark spots, these masks can help. Sweet-smelling and designed to make very little mess in your home, the infused masks often contain some of nature’s best ingredients, like aloe, avocado, charcoal and tea tree. You probably know that these heavy-hitters are designed to help revitalize your skin, so you’re ready to go into Monday feeling relaxed and refreshed.

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1. DERMAL 24 Combo Pack


DERMAL 24 Combo Pack

Courtesy of Amazon.

If your skin has been feeling dull and a little droopy, you should check out this collagen mask sheet set. You get a whopping 24 masks in this set, which all contain collagen and vitamin E. Each mask is soaked in the essence, and you just need to put it straight onto your clean skin. Your skin will get a much-needed boost and includes plenty of fun ingredients like olive, pomegranate, charcoal and pearl.

2. Sheet mask by Glam Up


Sheet mask by Glam Up

Courtesy of Amazon.

No creature was harmed in the making of these natural sheet masks. Using extracts found in the wild, like sake, avocado and aloe, this Korean mask sheet set aims to give you glowing, healthy skin. These hypoallergenic masks were made with sensitive skin in mind. You get a total of 12 different face masks, which will help revitalize your skin and give you a weekly self-care moment.

3. Mediheal X BTS Facial Sheet Mask Special Set

MEDIHEAL X BTS Facial Sheet Mask Special Set

Courtesy of Amazon.

The seven members of BTS are known for having super clear skin. They have often been seen wearing sheet masks, and even created a special set with one of the top Korean face mask brands, Mediheal. Whether you want skin like theirs or simply need to buy a gift for your BTS obsessed friend, these face masks can come in clutch. The green one contains tea tree oil for sebum control, and the blue one uses centella asiatica extract for hydrating the skin.

4. Celavi Collagen Facial Face Mask


Celavi Collagen Facial Face Mask

Courtesy of Amazon.

If you have a couple of skin issues going on, like dark spots and dry skin that’s lacking elasticity, for example, this sheet mask set can help you out. Boasting to be authentic Korean masks, the masks come in a set of 12. Each mask tackles a different skin concern. One pick, a tea tree mask, calms irritated skin, while another, a charcoal mask, purifies your skin.

5. LAPCOS Honey Sheet Mask

LAPCOS Honey Sheet Mask

Courtesy of Amazon.

Made up of moisturizing flower extracts and antioxidant-filled honey, this face mask will nourish your tired and lackluster skin. The sheet mask even smells sweet like honey. You get a total of five masks in this set. If honey isn’t what you’re looking for, LAPCOS offers 11 other kinds of sheet masks, which will address other skin concerns.

6. TONYMOLY I'm Real Olive Radiance Mask Sheet

TONYMOLY I'm Real Olive Radiance Mask Sheet

Courtesy of Amazon.

Get into K-Beauty with this fan-favorite mask set. You get a total of 10 masks, including red wine, pomegranate, pumpkin, lemon, ginseng, tea tree, rice, orange, lotus, and makgeolli masks. Each mask features an ingredient that targets a specific skin concern. You wear these masks for up to 30 minutes, so your skin gets super hydrated.