The Absolute Best Razors That’ll Keep You Smooth Without the Nicks

Elizabeth Denton
The Absolute Best Razors That’ll Keep You Smooth Without the Nicks
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There are few things in beauty as personal as hair removal. When, how and if you remove face or body hair is up to each you and you only. Plus, the best razor blades for women are really for any gender to use. That being said, there are some great options on the market if you choose to get rid of some hair or trim down what you already have. These options are the best for getting ultra-smooth skin without any cuts or skin irritation.

Choosing what to use for hair removal is also pretty personal and everyone has a different opinion on their favorite razor. We’re here to help you break down all the buzziest options and make the choice that fits your lifestyle best. Looking for a razor that has a built-in trimmer? Schick has a great choice. Prefer an eco-friendly plastic-free razor? Try a safety razor from Oui the People or Bevel. Plus, there are multiple options for razor subscription services with ultra-affordable handles and blades delivered monthly.

Below, 10 of the best of the best razors.

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gilette venus


Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Green Women’s Razor

This 5-blade razor is a favorite for what the brand calls its “lubrastrip,” which allows it to glide over your skin and reduce cuts. While not really enough lubrication to shave with, it really helps the glide factor when used with a shaving gel or oil. This set comes with the razor handle and two replacement blades.

Billie Razor


Billie Razor

You’ve probably read us wax on about how much we love this razor, as well as the brand’s newest hair and body care offerings. For just $9, you’ll receive a razor (in a choice of five colors), the Mag(net)ic holder and two 5-blade razor cartridges. Once you choose your razor, you’ll have the choice to decide how often you want to receive four replacement blades ($9). I shave pretty often so I chose once a month, but you can also do every other month or every three months. Then, add on shave cream ($8) a travel case ($5) biodegradable face wipes ($9) or body lotion ($12). Ta-da! No more shopping at the drugstore for razors again.



Schick Intuition Limited Edition Hello Kitty Sensitive Skin Razor

You probably already know just how handy the Schick Intuition razor is for shaving. But did you know there’s an adorable Hello Kitty version? Just like the OG, this razor has a built-in skin conditioning bar made with aloe and vitamin E to help reduce cuts and hydrate dry skin. No need for shave gel! We’re all about saving time in the shower. This set comes with one razor and four refills.

flamingo razor


Flamingo Razor

Flamingo’s ergonomic razor looks way more expensive than it is, all the way down to the 5-blade cartridge. You have four colorways to choose from and you’ll receive one razor and handle. Since getting to the spa and salon is tough right now, we suggest adding hair remover-helpers that’ll make your life a lot easier. Grab four replacement blades and a Face Wax Kit.

bevel shave system safety razor The Absolute Best Razors Thatll Keep You Smooth Without the Nicks


Bevel Shave System Safety Razor

If you’ve never used a safety razor, now might be a perfect time. What had once been a man’s kept secret, is now getting well known to everyone for the closest shave yet. Safety razors use a single double-edge blade that doesn’t tug and pull and you don’t even need to apply much pressure to the skin while shaving. Although the initial price might yield a sticker shock, you’ll save money in the long run on disposable cartridges. (20 blades are just $10!) Plus, no plastic makes these much more eco-friendly.

schick hydro silk 5 trimstyle women The Absolute Best Razors Thatll Keep You Smooth Without the Nicks


Schick Hydro Silk 5 TrimStyle Women’s Razor

Anyone who has ever shaved the bikini area knows that it’s basically impossible without some trimming. This two-on-one razor has a 5-blade cartridge (with hypo-allergenic moisturizing serum) on one side and a waterproof trimmer on the other, making it clutch for any kind of hair maintenance. The trimmer has an adjustable comb so you can decide on the right length for you.

bic soleil bella womens


BIC Soleil Comfort Women’s Disposable Razor

If you’re heading on a trip and need it’s easier to take a cheap disposable option zor you can throw out before you leave, these 4-blade razors are a favorite. The blades are flexible to glide over your skin, which is rare for a disposable razor. Plus, the soothing moisture strip enriched with coconut milk helps keep nicks at bay. One pack gets you three razors, making them less than two bucks each.

oui the people The Absolute Best Razors Thatll Keep You Smooth Without the Nicks

Oui the People.

Oui the People The Single

If you’re looking to support Black-owned beauty brands, you can’t go wrong with this rose gold sensitive skin safety razor. Karen Young, the founder of Oui the People, was tired of dealing with razor burn and ingrown hairs. She collaborated with engineers in the U.S. and Germany to create a razor that’s gentle on the skin, no matter what part of the body you shave. (Yes, even the bikini line.) Each razor comes with 10 replacement blades and is made-to-order so you’ll have to wait up to 10 weeks for your purchase. Still, once you get it in your hands, you won’t remember how you lived without it. Add on the hydrating body gloss ($65) for especially smooth skin.

alleyoop all in one razor


Alleyoop All-in-One Razor

There truly is not an easier-to-use travel razor than this one from Alleyoop. If you’re heading on a road trip or you’ll be somewhere without easy access to a shower, you can fully shave with this razor without irritation. The carriage spins so you can access two triple-blade razors, a refillable water spray bottle and a shea butter moisturizing bar. Fill it up with water and you can shave pretty much anywhere.

athena club razor The Absolute Best Razors Thatll Keep You Smooth Without the Nicks

Athena Club.

Athena Club The Razor Kit

Fans of this sleek razor promise the super-sharp 5-blade cartridge cushioned with skin guards gives you the smoothest shave yet. After picking a handle color (our of six options), you select how often you shave and how many blades you want to purchase. The more blades you grab, the cheaper each one is. You then have the option to add shaving foam ($9), body lotion ($14) and face wipes ($10).

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