7 of the Best Products to Reduce Redness Instantly

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7 of the Best Products to Reduce Redness Instantly
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During the winter months, there are a ton of us who are on the sensitive skin struggle bus — and on the hunt for how to reduce redness on our faces.

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Even when the cold ends, red skin can be an all year long problem — whether it’s from an angry pimple, rosacea or another skin condition that causes irritation on a fragile complexion. Luckily, there are ways to deal. From masks to redness reducing primers, we’re sharing seven of our favorite products that will help end all your red-skin woes.

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Since green is opposite from red on the color wheel, it only makes sense that this green (yes, the product itself is actually green) foundation primer will cancel out the redness in your skin before you apply your foundation. The product's formula will also help to fill in fine lines and give a flawless finish with the perfect blend of antioxidants, vitamins A and E, and soothing botanicals, like soy and lemongrass. (Where to Buy: Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer; available on Amazon)

Bare Minerals created this incredible soothing treatment to reduce redness on contact and over time. After applying (yes, it comes with a double ended brush!) redness will instantly be reduced but the product will also be doing a side job of actually reducing your redness long-term using the Bare Minerals RareMinerals ActiveSoil Complex. (Where to Buy: Bare Minerals Redness Remedy; available on Amazon)

Meet the perfect soothing primer that will instantly reduce your redness even for the most sensitive of skin including those with rosacea. This primer uses endothelyol to reduce any redness or inflammation, St. John's Wort to soothe, Defensil-Plus to help repair and Tego Pep 4 to improve your skin tone and clarity. Not to mention it will also help your makeup last longer throughout the day! (Where to Buy: Cover FX Calming Primer; available on Amazon)

If you're looking for a foundation with great coverage, soothing ingredients, oil-free formula and is the perfect solution to your redness problem, look no further. Infused with probiotics, antioxidants and SPF this foundation instantly color corrects and does wonders to minimize flare-ups. It's also great since it's appropriate for any skin type from dry to oily-combination skin. (Where to Buy: Clinique Redness Solutions Makeup SPF 15 with Probiotic Technology; available on Amazon)

Not everyone who struggles with redness struggles all over their entire face. Some of us are lucky enough to only be red in certain spots and this calls for more of a spot color corrector rather than something for your entire face. This NYX green concealer is the perfect option for spot treating redness because it lets you choose where you want to correct! (Where to Buy: NYX Concealer in a Jar in Green; available on Amazon)

For many of us who suffer from redness in our skin, part of the problem we have with the redness is also the inflammation that usually goes along with the discoloration. Whether it's an angry pimple, rosacea, or other redness-inducing skin issues, calming your skin is the first step. Use this Boscia peel off calming mask to overcome redness and get your skin ready to apply your makeup and look flawless. (Where to Buy: boscia Cool Blue Calming Mask; available on Amazon)

This seriously innovative, three-in-one serum contains three color-correcting, moisturizing brighteners for flawless looking skin when used alone or under your foundation. A perfect mixture of green, orange and white product this serum will instantly color correct redness, brighten your complexion and prime and nourish your skin as well.  It also contains Stila's exclusive Youth Revival Bio-Available Mineral Complex that works to improve your skin tone, evens out your complexion, and helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles. (Where to Buy: Stila One Step Correct; available on Amazon)

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