50 Best Pinterest Accounts to Follow

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50 Best Pinterest Accounts to Follow
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It’s no secret that Pinterest has exploded in popularity over the past few years. A site that began as an invitation-only experience has ballooned into not only a top social media site, but also a resource for retailers and the media alike. We make lists of our best Pinterest beauty accounts to go to and spend hours and hours online “pinning” projects to do later. For a website with a simple concept, Pinterest has come pretty far.

But, aside from its infectious popularity, we love Pinterest for a much, much more important reason: It’s our 21st century version of the scrapbooks we made as kids, and an excuse to make inspirational collages as adults. When we want to put together the perfect party, or we’re looking for a DIY project on a Sunday afternoon or we’re dying to know exactly how to do a cat eye, we turn to Pinterest and the pins we’ve undoubtedly looked at hundreds of times. In the past, we’d search the Internet for hours on end to find makeup tutorials, and now we use Pinterest as if it were a search engine. We can’t remember the last time we went to the hair salon without first searching “Hairstyle inspiration” on Pinterest, or the last time we bought a face mask instead of simply searching for “DIY face scrub” on the site.

Because we know that you probably have a similar relationship with Pinterest, we did some digging to find the best of the best. We’re on Pinterest quite a bit, and after pinning and repinning until our nails were chipped, we found the 50 best beauty-centric Pinterest accounts to follow. From bloggers and graphic designers to photographers and beauty brands, we left no stone unturned. Take a look at our choices for the 50 best Pinterest accounts above, and remember to follow Beauty High on Pinterest, too!

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Looking for some Pin-spiration? Take a look at our 50 favorite Pinterest accounts to follow! 

Pinterest: Cara Brook

Why You Should Follow: Cara Brook of the blog Maskcara pins both her original content and other things she loves from around the web. A combination of "pretty girls and fattening foods," it's safe to say that Cara's pins are worth a repin (or two). 

Pinterest: AERIN

Why You Should Follow: Inspired by Aerin Lauder's signature brand, AERIN's Pinterest is full of classic lifestyle pins with a modern twist. The Beauty board is chock full of bold, inspiring makeup and vintage inspiration alike. 

Pinterest: Abby Larson

Why You Should Follow: The personal account of Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty is packed with inspiration for weddings and DIY projects. The Hair Inspiration and Make-up & Beauty boards are constantly updated with some of the most gorgeous flower crowns and pink lipsticks we've ever seen. 

Pinterest: Birchbox

Why You Should Follow: It only makes sense that a company that allows women to discover products they love would have a Pinterest that does the same. With wedding and hair DIY ideas, an entire board dedicated to inspirational women and a board for product recommendations, this isn't a Pinterest account you should be missing out on. 

Pinterest: Beautylish

Why You Should Follow: The Pinterest account for the website Beautylish.com, there's never a shortage of cat eyes or nail art on these Pinterest boards. From daring ombre lips to prom hairstyles, Beautylish has a little bit of something for everyone. 

Pinterest: Bobbi Brown

Why You Should Follow: The Pinterest account of one of our favorite cosmetics brands, Bobbi Brown's pins consist of digestible tutorials, behind-the-scenes looks at Fashion Week, and more. 

Pinterest: Anna Conte

Why You Should Follow: Equal parts grunge and gorgeous, Anna Conte's Pinterest is like a vintage scrapbook that works as inspiration for beauty today. A self-proclaimed "beautymaker" and decided tastemaker, follow this Pinterest for hair ideas you'd see in magazines and on runways. 

Pinterest: Caitlin Cawley

Why You Should Follow: A graphic design students with over one million followers is a Pinterest recipe for success. Caitlin Cawley's pins create an aspirational life with DIY projects, recipes and a Beauty board with all of her favorite product recommendations. 

Pinterest: Bekka Palmer

Why You Should Follow: A Pinterest curated by a photographer/designer living in Brooklyn, it's instantly apparent why Bekka Palmer's Pinterest is so enjoyable. Besides DIY projects and decorating ideas for the home and office, her Beauty and Hair board is filled with floral headpieces and enviable celebrity beauty looks. 

Pinterest: Byrdie Beauty

Why You Should Follow: From the creators of Who What Wear comes Byrdie Beauty, complete with a Pinterest account that's a fresh take on the beauty world. From editorial inspiration to a Hair Talk board that's filled with enough hair ideas to last a lifetime, it's easy to get lost in Byrdie's pins. 

Pinterest: Bloomingdale's 

Why You Should Follow: All of the glitz and glam of a magazine with a real life take on how to wear the makeup, the Bloomingdale's Pinterest account has us practically rushing to the store to pick up every product we spot. Plus, the Hair board is nothing but modern Hollywood glamour and runway beauty, so we're sold. 

Pinterest: Carrie Hampton

Why You Should Follow: A blogger and a foodie, Carrie Hampton's Pinterest is broken up into enough boards to get lost for hours. From tips and tricks to quotes and absolutely stunning hair pins, we practically break the "repin" button when we're perusing Carrie's Pinterest. 

Pinterest: Kate SmallThingsBlog

Why You Should Follow: Whether or not you follow Kate of The Small Things blog, we can pretty much guarantee you've repinned her content. A bevy of hairstyle tutorials for short, layered hair, Kate's Pinterest is equal parts inspirational and tactical. We particularly love how relatable her pins feel, unlike some Pinterest accounts that only consist of pins that are entirely unattainable. 

Pinterest: Dallas Shaw

Why You Should Follow: It's easy to understand why an artist's Pinterest would be so top notch, which is why we love going through Dallas Shaw's boards. If you're looking for sweet, feminine pins with just a hint of edgy beauty, look no further than these pins. 

Pinterest: CND

Why You Should Follow: From the nail polish brand we'd trust our fingers to comes CND's Pinterest, filled with (you guessed it) nail art inspiration and backstage access to the fashion shows the brand works on. 

Pinterest: Dina Fierro

Why You Should Follow: Dina Fierro of the blog Eye 4 Style clearly has a knack for curating gorgeous content, something that's very apparent when you're scrolling through her pins. Her Mane Inspiration board is filled with bedhead hair and stunning braids, while her Nailed It board has enough nail art to keep us busy pinning for days. 

Pinterest: eat.sleep.wear.

Why You Should Follow: Kimberly of the blog eat.sleep.wear. is a graphic designer with a penchant for cat eyes and bold lips, a combination that makes her Pinterest a must-follow. Between the gorgeous original content she pins from her blog and the DIY board we can't help but repin, there's no shortage of inspiration here. 

Pinterest: Into The Gloss

Why You Should Follow: The Pinterest account of the beauty blog Into The Gloss keeps the behind-the-scenes, high gloss aesethetic of the brand alive. From backstage looks at photo shoots to an entire board dedicated to glitter makeup ideas, you'll never be bored following these boards. 

Pinterest: Elizabeth Dehn | Beauty Bets

Why You Should Follow: If you can't stop reading the blog Beauty Bets, you'll love the creator Elizabeth Dehn's Pinterest account. With some of the most beautiful lipstick pins and tutorials to keep you busy for a full weekend, it's no wonder this account has over 5 million followers. 

Pinterest: Free People

Why You Should Follow: Though Free People is based in clothing and style, nothing goes better with eclectic clothing than fishtail braids and vintage bangs. The brand's Lockdown board is chock full of hairstyles for girls who love a carefree lifestyle, while the Braided board has some of the most gorgeous plaits we've ever come across. 

Pinterest: Glitter Guide

Why You Should Follow: Straight from the blog that brings readers a guide to a glittery lifestyle comes this Pinterest account filled with beauty inspiration and entertainment etiquette alike. If you're a lover of all things pink and girly, be sure to hit the Follow button. 

Pinterest: Hair Romance

Why You Should Follow: It's almost guaranteed that if you have a Pinterest account, you've seen pins from Hair Romance, the account from the blog of the same name. With hair tutorials that are, you guessed it, romantic and fun pins that center around ideas like "30 Hairstyles in 30 Days," once you follow these boards, you'll start having some really good hair days. 

Pinterest: Ieva Mazeikaite

Why You Should Follow: An interior design student and a blogger, Ieva's keen eye for home decor spills over into her beauty boards in the form of vampy looks and vintage finger wave hairstyles. After spending some quality time with her pins, it's easy to see why the account has over one million followers. 

Pinterest: Nordstrom

Why You Should Follow: Refreshed daily with fascinating pins, Nordstrom's Pinterest account is like an interactive shopping experience that doesn't require you to leave home. We find ourselves pinning from Nordstrom's beauty boards regularly, but the account is especially helpful when we're in need of some makeup inspiration for a formal occasion. 

Pinterest: Jan of Poppytalk

Why You Should Follow: Jan, co-founder of the blog Poppytalk, pins only the most gorgeous images. Besides the wedding and lifestyle inspiration she curates into beautiful boards, her Beauty + Hair board makes us want to wear choppy, texturized beach waves and floral crowns year-round. 

Pinterest: Dawn Guarriello 

Why You Should Follow: Hailing from Manhattan and a curator with an eye for style, Dawn Guarriello makes one strong case for herself when it comes to repins. With a hint of flowers, DIY, high end glamour and socialite style, get yourself a dose of city girl beauty by following Dawn's boards. 

Pinterest: Jane Aldridge

Why You Should Follow: It's one thing to have exceptional style, but it's another thing entirely to be able to dress well and push the limits with your hair and makeup. Jane Aldridge of the blog Sea of Shoes loves a good pair of heels as much as she loves her fiery red hair, and the girl who created an award winning blog when she was just in high school also created a Pinterest with so much original content that we can't help but want to be redheads. 

Pinterest: LaurenConrad.com

Why You Should Follow: Practically made for Pinterest, LaurenConrad.com creates digestible content worthy of repins. If you're looking for simple DIYs, picturesque tutorials and date night makeup inspiration, look no further than this Pinterest account. Added bonus: The wedding beauty inspiration pins have become even better ever since Lauren got engaged! 

Pinterest: Kate @ Wit + Delight

Why You Should Follow: The pins are gorgeous, but more importantly, Kate pins images that are hair salon material: The pictures you'd want to bring to your hairstylist so she/he knows just what kind of cut and color you want. From tousled blonde hair to rich brunette colors, click Follow if you need some makeover inspiration. 

Pinterest: Julia Engel

Why You Should Follow: The Pinterest account of Julia Engel, creator of the blog Gal Meets Glam, is exactly what you'd expect: Glamorous beauty shots and bright, fun makeup ideas that anyone would repin. Even if you're on the edgier side, Julia's feminine flare appeals to all ladies, which is why we love it so much. 

Pinterest: Katie Armour

Why You Should Follow: The co-founder of Matchbook Magazine and a lifestyle blogger to boot, Katie Armour is one of our favorite pinners to follow. Considering the girl was gutsy enough to actually get the pixie haircut that everyone's been pinning (and she rocks it), it's easy to see why her edgy taste and penchant for beauty make her Pinterest account one of our favorites. 

Pinterest: Daily Makeover

Why You Should Follow: With enough instant makeover tricks and inspiration for changing your hair color to keep you busy for days, Daily Makeover's Pinterest is a must-follow. Look no further for tips on how to get celebrity looks, fitness inspiration for the gym and DIY beauty recipes you can master at home. 

Pinterest: Joy Cho

Why You Should Follow: Coming from the eye of a designer, Joy Cho's Pinterest is littered with stunning hairstyles that we can't pin fast enough. From glitter barrettes to pastel hair color, looking at these pins makes you feel like you're flipping through your childhood scrapbook. The nostalgia is worth following. 

Pinterest: Keiko Lynn

Why You Should Follow: Keiko Lynn's self-titled blog has always been bookmarked on our browser, so it's no surprise that her Pinterest account made it onto our list. A combination of her own beauty tutorials (which you've definitely seen) and looks that inspire her, it'd be an absolute shame to miss out on these pins. Plus, if you like her Beauty board, the same aeshetic flows over into her DIY and Food boards for an all around pretty lifestyle. 

Pinterest: Kendi Everyday 

Why You Should Follow: Another blogger turned pinner, Kendi Everyday's Pinterest is overflowing with beauty inspiration. From backstage photos to DIY hair tutorials, Kendi's constantly updating her boards with photos we'd pin on an actual corkboard. 

Pinterest: Sarah Kachevas

Why You Should Follow: With enough double fishtail milkmaid braids to keep you intrigued for hours, Sarah Kachevas' Pinterest will instantly become a destination once you start following. Between the Crowns of Flowers board dedicated to nothing but floral headpieces and her Pretty Hair board that's practically begging to be made into a real scrapbook, we dare you to look at Sarah's Pinterest without repinning the amazing images. 

Pinterest: Lauren Zwanziger

Why You Should Follow: If you've ever stumbled onto The Transatlantic blog, you know what a great eye Lauren Zwanziger has for style and beauty. Her Locks board on Pinterest is enough to make you want to cut bangs, while her Makeup board will have you wearing a deep shade of wine lipstick in about three repins. 

Pinterest: Lindsay Kotay

Why You Should Follow: Ombre hair began as a trend and it's slowly making its way to becoming a mainstay in hair color, and we're fairly certain that that's partly due to Lindsay Kotay's Pinterest board entitled Free-Hand, Ombre, Balayage (ish). Chock full of the most gorgeous, repinnable ombre hair pictures you've ever seen, we dare you to take a look at this without calling your colorist. Then, once you're done with that board, peruse any of Lindsay's other boards dedicated to hair and makeup. We promise you'll get lost. 

Pinterest: Beth Kirby 

Why You Should Follow: Pins from the eye of a photographer, writer and stylist are basically bound to be amazing, and while Beth Kirby's sole focus isn't beauty, when she pins to her boards in the Hair and Beauty category, you better believe they're worth it. Bold brows, 70s style portraits and natural beauty are all pinned to Beth's L O C K S board, which we highly suggest following. 

Pinterest: mrs. french *

Why You Should Follow: We much prefer photos of celebrities when they're not on the red carpet to when they are, and the beauty board from mrs. french * is chock full of editorial images of our favorite Hollywood starlets. Maybe it's that they seem more relatable off the red carpet, or maybe it's just that they're all stunning, but we could get lost in this board alone for hours; the rest of her boards are just a bonus. 

Pinterest: Moorea Seal

Why You Should Follow: Anyone with an entire Pinterest board dedicated to gorgeous eyebrows gets an A+ in our book, but the rest of jewelry designer Moorea Seal's pins are just as stunning. A surplus of black and white photos and makeup looks that will make you want to run to Sephora, these pins are both artistic and realistic. 

Pinterest: Sephora

Why You Should Follow: Considering it's one of the world's largest cosmetics retailers, it only makes sense that Sephora would have a follow-worthy Pinterest account. From video tutorials to daily obsessions and product reviews, there's nothing this Pinterest doesn't have. 

Pinterest: melancia melancia 

Why You Should Follow: If Marilyn Monroe could have a Pinterest, this would be it. Filled with vintage beauty inspiration from movie stars and magazines, melancia melancia's Pinterest is a well curated account of some of the most classy shots we've ever come across. 

Pinterest: Natalia Escaño

Why You Should Follow: You'd be hard pressed to find an illustrator with a boring Pinterest, and Natalia Escaño is no exception. Her Hair board alone will have you trying to DIY a victory roll over the weekend, and her makeup board will inspire you to wear sequin eye makeup on a weekday. 

Pinterest: Makeup.com

Why You Should Follow: If you could dream up a one stop shop for all things beauty on Pinterest, Makeup.com would be the place to go. From tutorials to inspiration photos to quotes and wedding beauty, once you're scrolling through these pins, you won't want for anything else. 

Pinterest: Sarah Dobson

Why You Should Follow: This is one graphic designer who knows how to curate Pinterest content. As opposed to some users who only have pins you've already seen 100 times, Sarah's boards are filled with new, inspiring images of DIY projects, bold makeup and, our personal favorite, beautiful older women. Her pins are refreshing, and one you start following, we know you'll start repinning. 

Pinterest: Satsuki Shibuya

Why You Should Follow: It's safe to say that if we could live within a Pinterest board, it'd be Satsuki Shibuya's Lookin' Fly board. Filled with stunning pictures of natural beauty and daring makeup looks alike, the Alexa Chung meets vintage record store vibe of this Pinterest has us hooked. With over one million followers, it's safe to say we're not the only ones obsessed. 

Pinterest: The Beauty Department

Why You Should Follow: From the beauty blog known for its original tutorials and out of the box inspiration comes one of the most popular Pinterest accounts on the site, and it's easy to see why. The Beauty Department's Pinterest is overflowing with not only the site's beautiful content, but also the images that actually inspire the editors. Be warned, though: Once you start scrolling through these pins, you'll be lost for hours. 

Pinterest: the glossarie. 

Why You Should Follow: A self-proclaimed beauty addict and creator of TheGlossarie.com, Lara Ramos created this Pinterest account and it's like the online equivalent of a best friend giving you beauty recommendations. Complete with hairstyle inspiration, runway looks and celebrity makeup, Lara pins only the most beautiful images, and we can't help but repin. 

Pinterest: Mai Spy

Why You Should Follow: A go to spot for nail art addicts and hair accessory lovers alike, Mai Spy's Pinterest is as fun as it is pretty. If you're in need of a dose of cute, pastel pink beauty inspiration, look no futher. 

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