9 Ultra-Inspiring Fitness Influencers to Follow for All the Winter Fitspo

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As much as we love the season of holiday feasting and lounging on the couch with a great book, right about now is when it gets harder than ever to get your butt to the gym and move. Goosebump-inducing temperatures and 4PM sunsets don’t help anyone’s cause, and even the most committed yogi or spinner is liable to lapse and let lethargy get the best of her and miss a class—or five.

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But just because we’re vitamin D-deprived and craving carbs (thank our lagging evolutionary instincts for the latter) doesn’t mean that’s what our bodies need most right now. In fact, making time to be active is one of the best ways to keep your mood up during the dark days of winter. Burning off those cheesy mashed potatoes and red wine is just a bonus.

Now that we’ve convinced you that swearing off the gym until spring isn’t in your best interest, it’s simply a matter of motivation—which we totally understand can be in short order at this time of year. That’s where these mega-cool New York City-based fitness influencers come in. From Jules Hunt, who’s basically the yogi we all wish we could be, to fashionista-cum-fitness-blogger Christina Bibbo Herr, adding these workout queens to your Instagram feed will make you want to kick butt at your next class.

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So, along with putting together a kickass playlist and investing in some new workout gear, make sure to check out these ladies whose workout tips, healthy recipes, inspiring quotes and more will ensure that you get the daily dose of gym motivation—and that’s something we can all use.

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Jules Hunt

Hunt launched her yoga and wellness blog, Om and the City, in college, when she got a taste of wellness writing. After getting an amazing response, she decided to take matters into her own hands and create a blog that's all about encouraging healthy habits and mindfulness—while hustling, of course.

Ally Love

Ally Love, founder of A Love Squad. Love truly does it all, as a TV host, model, creative director, producer, writer, and of course, fitness guru.

She's on a mission to share her personal fitness journey while also helping women everywhere embrace what their mama gave them. (It doesn't hurt that her incredible body will make you want to start doing crunches immediately.

Hannah Bronfman

Manhattan-based DJ, model, fitness enthusiast and overall boss, Hannah Bronfman has clearly made her mark on the health, beauty, and fitness world with her blog, HBFIT.

The site is chock full of tips, tricks, and tutorials, and you can find everything from a "Fired Up Salad" recipe to a video series called "Hot Guys in the Kitchen." What more could you need?

Evann Clingan

A self-described "endorphin-fueled redhead," Evann Clingan got her start from a pure love of working out. A regular gal who was in no way a fitness professional, Clingan wanted to share her own fitness and race training experiences to help women across the country work up the confidence to run—now, she also covers performance fashion, healthy recipes, and city life.

Nellie Acevedo

Juggling fitness, blogging, and being a mother can't be easy, but Nellie Acevedo seems to do it with ease. Her blog, Brooklyn Active Mama, perfectly captures the life of a mom who is trying to keep up with her body.

From recipes for the perfect apple cake to the healthiest snacks to feed your little ones, you'll find tons of helpful hacks here.

Christine Bibbo Herr

Christine Bibbo Herr, an upbeat fitness blogger — and Fashion Institute of Technology alum — has spent more than a decade contributing her health and fitness tips, tricks, and tutorials to magazines like Health, Real Simple, and more. On her personal blog, NYC Pretty, Bibbo Herr shares all the fitness, fashion, health, and beauty tips she's learned in her time in the industry. Plus, this chick is always happy so she's gotta be onto something!

Bec Donlan

Jackpot: Just looking at Bec Donlan's blog, Sweat with Bec, motivates us to start living a healthier lifestyle. This Aussie native made the move to New York in search of a challenge, and it's safe to say she's crushing it. A highly skilled trainer and coach with tons of certifications, Donlan shares all her healthy recipes, exercise tips, and even offers personal training sessions for locals.

Kayla Kleinman

Kayla in the City, created by 27-year old fitness blogger, yoga teacher, and personal trainer Kayla Kleinman, is evidence that TMI can be a good thing, when done right.

On Kleinman's blog and Instagram page, readers can access the candid experiences and struggles of a young girl boss in Manhattan. There, you'll find everything from fitness studio reviews and yoga tips to tips on self-care and goal-setting.


Running Brina catalogs Manhattan-based competitive runner Sabrina Wieser's life and workouts. She's has done everything from run her own marathons to coach other runners, and knows how to keep her audience motivated.

Get Wieser's tips for running in the cold, how to deal with holiday eating, and even marathon recovery tips. Trying to get fit by running? Give this blog a follow.

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