Beauty Brands’ Best-Selling Nail Polish Shades

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Beauty Brands’ Best-Selling Nail Polish Shades
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You can always find cult nail polish colors on eBay (for triple the price, likely) or hope that there’s a close duplicate readily available. But you can also trust that popular best-selling colors usually stay on the shelves for a while. Ever wonder just which ones those were? While we may take way too long to choose a nail color at the salon (there’s just SO many!), the most popular colors often come in a spectrum of slight variation. Ever try to pick the perfect true red in a sea of red polishes? It’s mind-boggling. Our curiosities piqued, so we went to some of our favorite beauty brands and asked them which color is their most popular seller. You may be surprised to find out which ones are the hits. Check them out in the slideshow.

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Maybelline's got a RANGE of nail colors with new ones coming out every season. Their pick of the litter is narrowed down to their color families (ever notice how the drugstore display is always organized by shade ranges? Pretty neat). Going left to right, the top-selling nude nail color is 'Neutral Statement.' The most popular pale pink is 'Pink And Proper,' the top bright color is 'Pretty In Peach,' the best red is 'Rich In Ruby,' and the most popular dark shade is 'Wine And Forever.'


(Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer, $3.19 each,


butter London has a great reputation that crossed the pond only to become equally as much a hit stateside. Known for their amazing nail colors with a stay-put formula, we always spot their square nail polish bottles backstage at fashion week. butter London's natives prefer this subtly shimmery nude shade, 'Yummy Mummy.' Find out which colors we prefer in the US...


(butter London Nail Laquer in 'Yummy Mummy', $15,

And in the US, we fancy these bright fun colors (left to right), 'Trout Pout' and 'Shop Girl'.


(butter London Nail Laquer, $15 each,

No nail polish round-up would be complete without Deborah Lippmann. While they have tons of different colors, turns out the classics are the favored options, with 'Fashion' and 'Naked' being two of their most popular colors. The best thing about nudes is that with a highly pigmented formula like Deborah Lippmann's, you get a smooth and even-color coat that looks super neat on. Plus, nude manicures are fun to dress up.


(Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish, $18 each,

O.P.I.'s 'Big Apple Red' is their breadwinner, and are you even surprised? It's a classic cherry red—a true red that's the perfect balance between cool and warm to look fabulous in any manicure.


(OPI Classic Nail Lacquer in 'Big Apple Red', $9.50, Ulta)

Revlon's 'Teak Rose' is their most popular color. As a demure kind of red, a ruddy dusty pink, it's kind of the perfect lip color, too. It can walk the line between pink and red without being overly girly but with maximum sophistication.


(Revlon Nail Enamel in 'Teak Rose', $3.99,

Another nude winner, Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Nail Polish in 'Creme de la Creme' is their top-seller. A pale pinky nude, this color gives you a perfectly feminine clean finish to your manicure.


(Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in 'Creme de la Creme', $8.99,

Not only is this glittery pink potion from Topshop Beauty their best-selling nail polish color, it's their best-selling beauty product—period. It's called 'Adrenaline,' and it's pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves.


(Topshop Nail Polish in 'Adrenaline', $10, Nordstrom)

Urban Decay is no stranger to cult obsession, this color, 'Gash', from their original collection being the first to sell out when it was released. Being that it was inspired by a same-named lipstick shade that was also a top-seller, we're not surprised that anyone would want to match their mani to their lips with this bold vampy color.


(Urban Decay Nail Polish in 'Gash', $15,

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