The Newest Liquid Eyeliner Tools For Statement Eyes

Augusta Falletta

It’s no secret that liquid liner can be a bit of a mess. Between the inky nature of the product, the super quick (or terrifyingly slow) drying time and the harsh redo process that involves what seems like five cotton swabs and some makeup remover, it’s not exactly the easiest way to use eyeliner. But, when you get a cat eye right on the first time with liquid liner, man does it look good!

Luckily, cosmetics companies caught on to the ridiculously hard nature of liquid liner and came up with some solutions. Especially now, when graphic eyeliner is one of the biggest makeup trends around, easy to use liquid liner is topping everyone’s must-have list, and now they’re a reality. We’ve rounded up 10 new liquid liner tools above so you can get eye makeup that’s sure to be double tapped on Instagram. Take a look!

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