Faking Super Long Lashes Is Just a Few Swipes of Mascara Away

Victoria Moorhouse

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In an age where placing extensions on your little lash hairs is a trendy in-and-out salon treatment, long-term Disney princess lashes are more attainable than ever. But since that can cost a pretty penny (and doesn’t really last longer than a month) the more cost-efficient way to get a full lash line is with a quick swipe of mascara. Volume usually comes hand-in-hand with mascara, but brands have formulated specific mascaras with extra lengthening as their specialty. We’ve rounded up the best lengthening mascara finds below.

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The Best Lengthening MascaraWhile lipstick is usually the MAC beauty buy we can’t stop talking about, this mascara is worthy of some compliments. Made with conditioning extracts and shea butter, it not only coats your lashes with a pigment that makes them more vivid, it helps soften them and keep them separated from one another, which in turn adds to a lengthened look. (MAC Cosmetics Mineralized Multi-Effect Lash Mascara, $22, nordstrom.com)

Estée Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Mascara

When length and a desire for smear-less wear come together, you may find yourself looking for this Estée Lauder mascara. Designed with a 15-hour wear that resists humidity and wet conditions (we’re guessing that will get you through the workday), this mascara brush gets to the root of your lashes, so when you comb it through, it separates each lash and lengthens it along the way.  (Estée Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Mascara, available on Amazon )

Buxom Mascara

If there’s anything we’ve learned about lengthening mascara wands, it’s that they utilize lots of little bristles placed closely next to one another so that they can grab hold of lash strands, pulling them out while applying the formula. This particular brush is a part of all-encompassing Buxom’s lash bar. You can pick the type of brush you want, for the look you want, all while enjoying the brand’s super nutrient-rich (we’re talking olive oil, shea butter, and vitamin E) on your lashes. (Buxom Mascara Bar Strong and Long, $22, sephora.com)

CoverGirl Lash blast Length

Coming up dry in the lengthening drugstore mascara department? CoverGirl took care of that with their product that belongs to the Lash Blast family. Once again, you’ll find this brush with super tiny bristles on its extraordinarily long brush head that run the “flexible” formula over your lashes. Because it’s flexible, it won’t dry up, flake, or collect in globs on your lashes throughout the day—something that ends up making them look shorter. (CoverGirl Lash Blast Length Mascara, available on Amazon )

Bobbi Brown Lengthening Mascara

A classic, Bobbi Brown’s take on lengthening will give you a slightly amplified natural look. Make sense? The curved brush fits closely and comfortably to your lash line, applying the product and combing it through from root to tip. The smaller bristles are saturated with just the right amount of product so you’re not left with excess that collects in weird shapes or smudges underneath or over your eyes. If you already have fuller lashes that you just want to look a tiny bit longer, this buy is for you. (Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara, available on Amazon )

Flower-Outstretched-Lengthening-Mascara-(Opened)FLOWER Beauty went for lengthening in a three-way, 2-step process. One side of the brush, featuring tons of very straight, tiny bristles is meant to apply the product to your lashes. Next, using the purple side of the mascara wand, you’re supposed to brush that product all the way through. While the first step does a really good job of making your lashes look coated and long, this step just kicks it up a notch. You can use the tip of the brush to address the lashes on the outer corners of the eyes and brush them up and out for a fan-like look. (FLOWER Beauty Outstretched Lengthening Mascara, $8, flowerbeauty.com)

Dolce and Gabbana MascaraLess is more when it comes to lengthening mascara—and this product has a thin wand that’s designed to fit under your lashes, with enough room to roll it to the tip as you’re brushing the formula out, simultaneously giving you lashes a slight curl. (Dolce and Gabbana Lengthening Mascara, $31, nordstrom.com)