The Very Best Highlighters For Gleamy, Gorgeous Skin

Jamie Lynch

Used properly, highlighting is a thing of wonder: it draws attention to your favorite features, makes your skin look brighter, dewier, and even younger, and tricks people into thinking you may, in fact, actually be lit from within. Used improperly, or with the wrong formula for you, and things can go very awry very fast. The best highlighters walk the tightrope line between “acceptable” and “so shiny you can see your own reflection”—the delicate balance lies therein.

There are so many highlighters on the market that it can be a bit overwhelming to delve into the wide world without accruing some knowledge before hand. Here’s where we come in! Avoid highlighter-induced disaster entirely by opting for one of these tried and true formulas. Whether it’s liquid or powder or after, whether you want full-on sparkle or a subtle suggestion of luminosity, we’re here to help.

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