The 8 Coolest New Beauty and Wellness Innovations on Kickstarter Right Now

Rachel Krause
The 8 Coolest New Beauty and Wellness Innovations on Kickstarter Right Now
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Believe it or not, crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is good for more than just tricking strangers into pledging over $50,000 for you to make potato salad: A quick sweep of the site’s most popular pages yields hundreds of smart, interesting projects all over the spectrum, particularly in the wellness and beauty categories.

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More so than any generation before us, we’re a culture collectively fixated on finding the most innovative ways to live our best lives. From a self-contained ecosystem for your kitchen to a personal trainer that only exists inside a set of earphones, these now-shoppable groundbreaking ideas and inventions are proof that modern technology has given us much more than just carpal tunnel, neck strain, and Vine stars—even if they’re nowhere near as delicious as potato salad.

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DNA Lifestyle Coach

With a single swab that gets sent to a team of scientists for processing, this DNA test will help you choose the optimal diet, fitness routine, and skin and dental care products customized to your genetics, not to mention stress reduction and mental health-conscious activities to go along with it. All the recommendations the company provides are supported by peer-reviewed studies and field professional input.

At $219 per kit (marked down 25-percent from its retail price of $299 for the pre-order crowd), it isn't cheap, but this kind of personalized insight is pretty damn compelling.

Boie USA

If you thought your regular drugstore toothbrush was working just fine, think again. This environmentally friendly update on your least exciting beauty tool is made from antimicrobial, non-abrasive medical-grade elastomer with interchangeable heads that last twice as long as standard nylon bristles and effectively remove plaque and debris without irritating your gums.

The project has received pledges worth more than twice its goal, so it's set to be funded soon—and if you pledge now, you can be one of the very first to get your hands on the Boie.

Freshly Cosmetics

There are so many natural, earth-friendly beauty products on the market that new releases can start to seem a little snoozy, but Barcelona-based brand Freshly is switching up the status quo by creating completely toxin-free, reusable, recyclable, high-quality natural skin and hair care with packaging as chic and minimalist as the stuff inside is completely pure.

It's not available for shipping outside of Spain just yet, but you can stalk the brand's gorgeous Instagram to hold yourself over in the meantime.

Grove Ecosystem

This is a legit self-contained—and aesthetically pleasing—ecosystem for growing fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. In your own home. Indoors. In a space the size of a bookshelf. That you can control and automate through a mobile app that also walks you through every step of the process along the way.

The Grove is seriously $$$, so it's more for the person who's ready to commit to this sort of thing than someone who just wants to dabble. The least expensive model is $4,200, but if your credit checks out you can pay a deposit and finance the rest.


Love candles? Yep, same. This Brooklyn-based startup is changing the game with their hand-poured, all-natural, sustainable coconut wax candles, which are made without artificial coloring but with the help of a master perfumer, employ clean-burning lead-free wicks, and come complete in reusable candleholders made from recycled glass. Think of it as the Everlane of bougie candles: They leave the markups and middlemen out so you get genuinely high quality at straight-from-the-maker prices.

You can buy the whole set of four for $100 or individually for $28 each, and they also offer a subscription service for those who burn, burn, burn all the way down the wick. For every candle sold, the company supports the distribution of a solar lamp through SolarAid as part of a larger mission to help provide clean, sustainable light to the one billion people all over the world who don't have access to an electrical grid.


The act of relaxing can be hilariously difficult, which is why our zeitgeist is obsessed with meditation and Xanax. This headset seeks to help ease your mind while you do nothing at all by "training your brain"—as in, Melomind receives information about your brain's electrical activity and is able to provide instant feedback in the form of an evolving audio soundscape that responds to your brainwaves in real time.

By teaching yourself to relax, you strengthen your brain's ability to reduce the negative impact of stress and help protect you against it. Melomind is set to retail for $399, which sounds like a small price to pay for a stronger brain—and a stronger grip on reality.


Less obtrusive than a smartwatch and much less expensive than seeing a sleep disorder specialist, the ŌURA is a comfortable, non-allergenic, waterproof ring that syncs with an app to analyze your sleep patterns and how your quality of sleep is affecting your daily life. It analyzes your vital signs when you're sleeping and monitors the duration and intensity of activities and the amount of time you spend sitting while you're awake.

By understanding how well—or how badly—your body was able to recharge, the ŌURA can help you optimize how well you perform physically and mentally throughout the day, and share actionable insights for lifestyle tweaks that can help you get better sleep and do better in general. Seems like a pretty decent way to spend $299.


It's finally happening: We're replacing humans with artificial intelligence. Specifically, we're replacing personal trainers with AI in the form of Vi, who lives in a pair of bio-sensing earphones. Vi tracks your workout each day, which makes her smarter and better able to work with your fitness needs.

For $249, you'll be able to get the ergonomic earphones—which, when they're not channeling Vi, are just as useful for their full-day battery life and incredible sound quality—equipped with Vi, who will set your goals and give you a tailored plan to burn fat, improve your running technique, avoid injuries, or whatever it is you need to stay at the top of your game.

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