15 Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials on YouTube

Megan Segura

Very rarely do you get to use the wild, vibrant colors that sit untouched in your makeup palette, so take advantage this Halloween and get artistic with your makeup. Here are 10 of our favorite halloween makeup tutorials from YouTube. Get inspired and get creative this year!

Zombie/Dead Girl Look by Nikkie Tutorials
You may think zombies are overrated, but you are dead wrong. (See what we did there?) Between shows like The Walking Dead and these engagement photos that went viral, it’s a pretty trendy costume idea. Look to this tutorial for all your zombie makeup needs.

Showgirl/Fantasy Peacock Eyes by Lisa Eldridge
As much as it pains us to say it, dressing up like a cat for Halloween is not going to cut it this year—unless you’re going as Lil’ Bub, which would be awesome. This Peacock makeup tutorial is insane, in a good way.

Cleopatra by MakeupGeek TV
With all of the Lindsay Lohan press, we know Liz Taylor will be on the minds of many as they pick out their costumes. But don’t just be any old version of Liz Taylor. Be Liz Taylor as Cleopatra. That version is fierce!

Seductive Vampire by Michelle Phan
Putting in a pair of plastic fangs and calling yourself a vampire is just plain lazy. Put some effort into Halloween this year with some frightening (but still kinda hot) vampire makeup. Plus, this tutorial is by Michelle Phan, so you know it’s going to be good.

Twilight Fairy Makeup by Charismastar
Want a pretty, feminine Halloween look while still participating in all the costume fun? Try this fairy tutorial. The breathy, child-like narrating might freak you out, but the makeup technique is on the money.

Betty Boop by Kandee Johnson
Even if you weren’t planning on going as Betty Boop, this tutorial might change your mind.

Poison Ivy by Glitterdollz7
If Kim Kardashian didn’t completely ruin the Poison Ivy costume for you, then try this tutorial’s version of the makeup.

Hunger Games Capitol by Panacea81
In honor of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere next month, don elaborate makeup and a bright wig this Halloween. We love her mini pink lips.

Mermaid by Pixiwoo
Not only does this lady know her way around a makeup palette, but she has an accent that makes her sound like a total cosmetics expert.

Grumpy Cat by iwanted2c1video
We needed at least one feline on this roundup. And Grumpy Cat has easily become the number one kitty this year. Finish off the look with white-on-white and cat ears.

The Wicked Witch of the West by LetzMakeup
Inspired by Mila Kunis’ character in Oz: The Great and Powerful, this makeup look used contouring to really exaggerate the eyebrows as well as make the nose and chin.

Queen of Hearts by Meganheartsmakeup 
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland has us itching to dress up as the Queen of Hearts. This elaborate makeup look, with spider lashes and black lipstick, is a fun take on the character.

Jessica Rabbit by AndreasChoice 
This tutorial creates an exact replica of the Jessica Rabbit look, from her bold arches to short and ultra thick lips. And then, of course, don’t forget those red locks.

Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas by dope2111
Dress up as the infamous doll-like heroine from the Tim Burton movie by following this step-by-step video that creates another set of eyes. Totally creepy!

Deer by Carah Amelie
We would never have thought of being a deer for Halloween, but the final look is just so cute.

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