The Best Haircuts for Every Hair Color

Each season, there are cuts and then there are colors that are on trend, but what about the ultimate combinations of the two? Celebrity colorist Cassondra Kaeding works out of the Sally Hershberger Salon in Los Angeles and and she’s responsible for dyeing and balayage highlighting on major movie sets like “The Hunger Games,” so obviously we turned to her to tell us what’s hot for summer. Below, Kaeding explains which haircuts work best for blonde, pastel, black, and every hair color in between.

Blonde Hair
Blondes can really pull off any cut no matter what shade of blonde. If you are platinum, I would recommend a very textured, short cut showing volume and movement. A baby-to-honey blonde with depth would do great with shoulder-length hair or long layers. Also, a well cut pixie can make a great blonde.

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Brunette Hair
Brunettes also can pull off any hair cut, i.e short, mid-length, long, or layered.


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Ombré Hair
For ombré hair, shoulder-length to long hair works best because the color is seen from mid-shaft to ends. Those lengths really help accentuate the technique and depth of the color. A short cut will not look good with ombré color because it defeats the whole purpose of the ombré technique.

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Red Hair
There are so many different shades of red so again, redheads of any shade can pull off any style of cut. It really would just depend on the face shape and personal preference.


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Black Hair
For black hair, I really like short or long cuts, not mid-length. Black is a very harsh color, so skin tone and face shape will dictate the cut.


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Pastel Hair
For pastel colored hair you can wear it short or long. However, if you have multiple pastel colors, you want the length of the hair to be longer so you can really see the movement of all the color together. If you are doing a one-dimensional pastel color, I would suggest a really edgy, dynamic cut.

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Color-Preserving Products
A rule of thumb for all hair color is to make sure your hair is hydrated. The best way to do this is to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. With summer right around the corner, I also suggest using hair oil, as it will help with fly-aways and it will create a barrier from the sun. One other tip for color-treated hair is to use a mask once a week.