The Easiest and Safest Hair Colors to Try When You Have Textured Hair

The Easiest and Safest Hair Colors to Try When You Have Textured Hair
Photo: Mauricio Santana/Getty Images.

The overlying theme for 2019 natural hair trends is undoubtedly adventure. Our forecast is a hodge-podge of next-level wigs, sleek and stylish trims, an uptick in textured styling and of course, standout color to top it all off. However, when it comes to finding the best colors for natural hair (outside of your standard brown or black), the process isn’t as easy-peasy as it seems, unless you could care less about the health of your strands. Because while the shade of your choice is indeed your choice, only a select few are actually safe enough to try without completely destroying your curl pattern.

First things first: the lighter the color, the more likely it is that you’ll have to go through a bleaching process. And unfortunately, there’s no way your hair can get bleached and remain completely unscathed, especially if you have a curly or kinky pattern. According to Carolyn Aronson, CEO and founder of It’s a 10 Haircare, the cuticle of the hair strand is being opened, which in turn breaks down the pattern and causes dryness since moisture can’t be easily retained.

“Textured hair is naturally drier, so the chemical process of dying the hair can make it more frizzy,” she says. Fortunately, that doesn’t downgrade the number of choices too much. Aronson says that naturalistas looking to preserve the health of their hair should consider tones that will likely only require dye, as opposed to both dye and bleach. The most popular options are deep wine reds, apricot, purple and blue, which offer a lot of variation depending on your favorite tone. For instance, if you’re considering purple hair, you could opt for a lighter lavender or a deeper berry, like Justine Skye.

Also, whether you dye with or without bleach, it’s especially important for those with textured hair to mind their aftercare. This includes never brushing or combing the hair while it’s dry.

Deep conditioning masks Like It’s a 10 Miracle Potion 10 Repair Hair Mask are also a great way to prepare and continue caring for the hair before and after a color treatment. Generally speaking, the best hair treatments will contain proteins, pathenol and/or a mix of natural oils. And since curly hair roots don’t show as much as straight ones, you can wait about 4-6 months in between dye jobs. Ready to take the plunge? Here’s some insta-inspo to get you started: