The Best Green Perfumes for Summer

Alle Connell

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When the weather heats up, we immediately reconsider our fragrance. Summer isn’t the time to smell like a rich gourmand cake or a velvety-sweet flower; no, our minds immediately turn to cool, shaded woods, mossy green riverbeds and beds of clover after rainstorms. In short, we start thinking green: green perfumes, that is.

“Green” fragrances are any that have that fresh snap of green leaves and a verdant richness that send us on an olfactory adventure to a meadow far, far away. Think moss, green tea, young leaves, clover, grass—anything that makes us think of youth, vibrancy and regrowth. Basically perfect for summertime as we bake in the sun, right? So here are our picks for the best green perfumes for summer; you’re bound to find something here that sings to you!


best green perfumes

1. Moss, Commodity Goods ($99).

This is a deep, dark green, more like the woods at night than a well-behaved garden after a rainstorm. With dominant notes of ozone, eucalyptus and (it’s namesake) moss, this fragrance starts off quite intensely green and lightens up to reveal hints of orange blossom and cedar. It’s a big perfume and quite an unusual (though gorgeous) one, so expect to be told that you smell amazing constantly when you wear it.

best green perfumes

2. Calyx, Clinique ($52).

The classic green perfume, Calyx is a cheerful green-citrus that just screams summertime. Opening with a mouth-watering combination of mandarin, grapefruit, fresh green leaves and juicy tropical fruit, it remains bright and fun all day long. A perfect way to get into green perfumes if you’re unsure about them.

best green perfumes

3. Verde, NEST ($68).

A woody green, this slightly masculine fragrance combines the scent of dripping ferns with cedar, vetiver and verbena. Though it has a relative sharp scent when first you spray it, give Verde a second to warm up on your skin: that’s where the true magic happens (and it also makes it perfect to wear in warm weather). If you love your fragrances fresh yet seductive, Verde is the perfume for you.

best green perfumes

4. Florabotanica, Balenciaga ($100).

If you’re into a more floral green, you can’t go past Florabotanica. A unique blend of mint and rose with carnations at the heart, this perfume manages to be fresh, young and timeless all at once. We love the versatility of this fragrance: it’s light enough to wear to work, yet sexy enough to wear out at night. Definitely a green perfume for the ages.

best green perfumes

5. Chanel No. 19 ($115).

The ultimate sophisticated green, No. 19 opens with fresh young leaves, the crisp snap of bright green apples, then opens up into the richness of oak moss and iris, with just a touch of sandalwood to round it out. Ladylike and refined yet mysterious, No. 19 is the textbook perfect first date fragrance. There’s a reason it’s been a classic for such a long time.

best green perfumes

6. Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca, Guerlain ($90).

This incarnation of Aqua Allegoria smells like summertime. With the fresh green scent of crushed clover and mint balanced with the delicacy of green tea, this perfume starts in a garden right after a sunshower, then takes you into the woods with notes of cyclamen and lily of the valley. Herba Fresca is clean and chic, with a slightly innocent edge that’s nothing but appealing on long, hot summer days.

best green perfumes

7. Eau de Lierre, Diptique ($90).

Herbal and woody, Eau de Lierre evokes images of old English estates: established, elegant, expansive and verdant to the extreme. With a strong ivy note leading the charge, it’s tempered with a soft musky, rosewood-y base. Warm and welcoming with a true sense of heritage, this is a green that’s distinctly grown-up and rich.

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