These Are the 7 Best Fitness and Health Podcasts

Shannon Farrell
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Photo: Paul Bradbury.

If your commute is longer than 30 minutes, it may feel more like a drudge than a solid dose of “me time.” The perfect solution? Podcasts. But instead of jumping on the Serial bandwagon (although who doesn’t love a good mystery?), why not try one of our favorite health and fitness podcasts instead? That way, you’ll spend your commute learning new things, having all your diet and fitness questions answered, and getting advice on how to change your life lifestyle for the better. Who says time spent on public transportation is wasted?

1. Eat, Move and Live Better.

Consider this your introduction into a healthier lifestyle. This podcast, run by Precision Nutrition, takes all of the hard pressed rules out of getting “in shape.” There’s no perfect diet or exercise plan that’ll provide everyone with the same results. PN’s nutritionists, instead, teach small steps that everyone can take on their own journey to living better.

2. No Meat Athlete Radio.

There’s a common myth that athletes can’t go vegetarian. But with the right knowledge, plants can serve as all the protein you need to fuel and recharge. Matt Frazier, the host, is an ultra marathon-runner and serves as proof. But even if you’re not about to forgo your poultry, Frazier touches upon subjects all runners can relate to. Our favorite epsisode: Sitting Is Killing You (Even If You’re a Runner).

3. Realize Yourself
Kimberely Snyder, the author of one of our favorite beauty books, The Beauty Detox, offers simple recipes that keep you beautiful from the inside out. We can attest that her Glowing Green Smoothie does just that—it really does leave your skin glowing! Her weekly podcast not only goes into detail on nutrition and beauty, but dives into emotional health and empowers all women to be strong both inside and out. It’s a must for any health or beauty junkie!

4. The Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips.

Though we don’t recommend counting calories (some indulgence is imperative to happiness), there are kitchen basics everyone should follow. That’s where the Nutrition Diva comes in. Think of her as your June Cleaver of the modern age. Instead of focusing on elaborate recipes, she puts the spotlight on everyday necessities, like the negatives of artificial sweeteners and the real deal on the skim vs. whole milk debate.

5. TEDTalks Health.

When TED talks health, it’s just as empowering as any of its conferences. The video podcast keeps the subject matter broad, covering everything from childhood trauma to the benefits of the sun (wait, what?), with speeches from tops doctors and researchers. The benefit: even if you’re not a vegan yogi certified in mindfulness meditation, the info is relevant while being extremely fascinating. Case in point: did you know that stress can benefit the body if you think about it positively. It surprised us, too—but that’s the beauty of TED Health!

6. Marathon Training Academy.

We’re nearing that time of year again: training for fall marathons begins in T minus three weeks. For beginners, get FREE coaching from running couple Angie and Trevor Spencer. (Angie is both a nurse and certified running coach when she’s off the clock.) Learn about everything from creating a doable training schedule without sacrificing all of your free time, to planning pre- and post-run meals that fuel the body without the slump. But for newbies, the couple offers the best advice out there: with the proper positivity, anyone can run 26.2.

7. The One You Feed Podcast
A famous parable goes: A grandfather tells his grandkid, “There are two wolves fighting inside us. One represents negative emotions. The other is positive.” The kid asks, “Which one lives?” And the grandfather answers, “The one you feed.” This podcast focuses on mental health and how to feed that positive wolf with discussions on depression, anxiety, and happiness as well as the little things like envy and surviving the work force.

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