DIY Feather Extensions to Switch up Your Look on a Budget

DIY Feather Extensions to Switch up Your Look on a Budget
Photo: Courtesy of Goffkein/Adobe.

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Hair extensions are a great way to add length or volume to your locks, whether you’re looking for tape-in extensions, sew-in extensions or glue-in extensions. Unfortunately, they can also be pretty damaging to your existing tresses and scalp if not done correctly or installed by a professional. If you aren’t concerned with the length, volume, or color though, adding in some DIY feather hair extensions to the mix can be a great way to mix up your look when you’re bored, all without causing breakage or breaking the bank.

There is a huge array of different types, textures, and colors when it comes to feather extensions, and for the most part, they’re usually pretty easy to put in by yourself. Of course, the level of quality for these extensions can vary immensely, but you can find genuine extensions that look and feel the natural without having to drain your entire savings account. We’ve rounded up a few of our current favorite styles for your consideration below.

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1. Feather Lily Feather Hair Extensions

Feather Lily.

Courtesy of Feather Lily.

Made of 100 percent genuine rooster feather, these chic and colorful hair extensions add a personalized touch to your mane without the hassle or huge investment. These extensions can also be washed with normal shampoo, styled with heat tools, and braided.

2. Feather Hair Extensions

feather hair extensions


Featuring popular colorways as well as fun glitter and sparkle details, these 100 percent real rooster extensions add dimension to your hair, as well a whimsical touch when you’re bored with your current mane and need a bit of a change without embarking on something drastic.

3. Tie Dye Feather Hair Extensions

Tie Dye Feather Hair Extensions

Courtesy of Feather Lily.

These tie-dye feather extensions are perfect for wearing to a festival, a concert or a costume party. You get 20 hair extensions, all made out of real rooster feathers. Within the set of 20, you’ll get two different types: pink/blue tie-dye extensions and blue/neon green tie-dye. They can last for months, if cared for properly.


4. Feather Hair Extension Kit

Feather Hair Extension Kit

Courtesy of Soraka Hair.

You get feather extensions in every color of the rainbow with this set, so you can match your extensions to your vibe, your outfits or the season. You’ll also get 50 black color Silicone Micro Beads and a hook device to help install your extensions. You get a total of 20 faux feathers.