10 Unique Fall Candles You’ll Love

Kelly Dougher

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There’s a lot of things to love about autumn, but possibly the best part of it is all of the amazing fragrances. It’s tempting to cover yourself (and all of your cozy sweaters) in fragrances that emanate the scents of the season, but don’t neglect your home while you’re at it. Nothing’s better than having your home smell like spiced baked goods or the great outdoors, and the best way to achieve that this fall is by stocking up on scented candles. In case you’re sort of over the sickly sweet jumbo candles sold at your local mall, we rounded up 10 amazing candle brands that make truly unique, beautiful candles at every price point.

pumpkin spice candle

Photo: Wax and Wane

1. Wax & Wane Candles.
Wax & Wane  is based in New York, where they hand-make candles with American-grown soy wax and essential oils. If you’re looking for a fall-themed scented candle, you’ve come to the right place. Currently their Etsy shop offers limited-edition autumnal scents such as Pumpkin Spice, Autumn Orchid, and Hudson Apple (all $16). They also offer unique scents such as Portland Rose. They’ll even work with you to create a custom-made scented candle for a special gift or upcoming event.

tokyomilk candles

Photo: TokyoMilk

2. TokyoMilk.
TokyoMilk makes amazing perfumes, as well as scented hand creams and candles, all with gorgeous packaging and unique names. Their tin candles (all travel-ready thanks to the included lids) are only $12 so you may have a hard time not filling up your cart with several. We recommend trying Honey & The Moon (with notes of honey, violet, jasmine, and sandalwood), Dead Sexy (vanilla, wood, and white orchid), and Poe’s Tobacco (with notes of tobacco, tea leaves, amberwood, and autumn apple). Autumnal but not cheesy—just what we’re into!

milk and honey pumpkin spice candle

Photo: Milk and Honey

3. Milk & Honey.
Milk & Honey makes gorgeous handmade soy candles, and for a limited time they’re offering seasonal fragrances (all $16) for fall and winter. Autumn Pear, Fireside, Orchard Harvest, Salted Caramel, and (of course) Pumpkin Spice are just a few of them. You can also find them at your local Whole Foods!

black arrow candles

Photo: Black Arrow

4. Black Arrow.
Black Arrow soy candles are handmade in Sydney, Australia and arrive on your doorstep in the most beautiful, thoughtful packaging. We love the minimalist and sophisticated look of these candles—they’re like objects of art, not just candles. The scents are equally stylish: Fernweh White Tea & Berries, Under The Black Tobacco & Spices, and Werifesteria Pine Forest. These candles make lovely gifts, but they’re also nice for when you just want to treat yourself to something special.

pommes frites candles

Photo: Pommes Frites Candles

5. P.F. Candle Co.
Pommes Frites Candles are handmade in LA with only the finest ingredients. They offer crowd-pleaser fall scents such as Spiced Pumpkin ($18)—but also more surprising scents that are sure to make your home smell great year-round such as Campfire, Amber & Moss, and Golden Coast.

baies candle

Photo: Diptyque

6. Diptyque.
Diptyque candles are cult classic luxury candles. Made in Paris and housed in the iconic jars with black-and-white typography, these candles make very special gifts (for others, or for yourself). Even after the candle is used up, you can reuse the jar to hold makeup brushes or flowers. They offer around 50 unique scents, divided into categories: Fruity, Floral, Herbal, Spicy, and Woody. We suggest trying Baies, which is described as a bouquet of roses sweetened with blackcurrant leaves.

dragons blood coco bubbles candle

Photo: Coco and Bubbles

7. Coco & Bubbles.
Coco & Bubbles natural soy candles are handmade in Westland, Michigan. They offer a really interesting selection of scented candles; Sandalwood & Ginger Apple sounds perfect for fall, and Dragon’s Blood is basically required for a classy Halloween party.

8. Frostbeard Book Lovers Candles.
Book nerds will love Frostbeard’s handmade candles from Minneapolis. Pemberly Gardens, Gatsby’s Mansion and Sherlock’s Study are basically perfect—who wouldn’t want to hunker down in cold weather with a cup of hot tea and an apartment that smells like Oxford Library? Whichever you choose, these are the perfect candles for burning while snuggling up with a good book this fall.

hi wildflower driftwood

Photo: Driftwood

9. Hi Wildflower.
Hi Wildflower soy candles are handmade in Brooklyn, and they offer totally unique scents that we’re in love with. Best of all, each candle comes with an original poem. It’s the little things that make a big impact. We recommend trying Driftwood ($28), described as “a warm, woody-earthy blend of creamy sandalwood, musk and ocean.” It sounds like the perfect scent for someone who wants something unexpected and different, yet still inviting, for their home.

paddywax vetiver and cardamom

Photo: Paddywax

10. Paddywax.
Paddywax has been hand-pouring candles in Nashville, TN since 1996 and now boasts 17 candle collections—and it’s easy to see their appeal thanks to pretty packaging and intriguing fragrance pairings. For fall, we suggest one of their beautiful Apothecary Candles such as Vetiver & Cardamom or Tobacco & Patchouli. They even have a mixology candle collection; the Dark & Stormy and the Negroni are perfect for fall and winter.

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