Bar Soaps Aren’t Going Anywhere: 7 Awesome Options to Try Now

Kristen Bousquet
Bar Soaps Aren’t Going Anywhere: 7 Awesome Options to Try Now
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With all the cool, new beauty trends and innovations out there it’s surprising that old beauty products are still thriving. Especially for things like cleansers, since now they come in liquids, creams, oils, powders and more when it all really started with a bar of soap.

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While, yes, there are plenty more innovations that are carrying the beauty industry along, things like bars of soap are still around and giving the amazing results they’ve been giving for years. Many brands have even adapted the classic beauty trend like bar soaps and modernized them.

To show you that bar soaps aren’t going anywhere, we found some of our favorites that can do anything from exfoliate and heal your skin to cure your acne. Click through the slideshow above to see them now!

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This facial soap will do everything you need to get your complexion back to beautiful. The ultra-mild bar cleanses, gives a subtle exfoliation, and even heals your skin. It's formulated with thermal mud and bamboo powder that removes unwanted oil, unclogs your pores, refines skin texture and minimizes the appearance of annoying pores. Best part is this bar soap is free of fragrance, essential oils, dyes, colorants or irritants and is made with a pH-balanced base that won't strip or dry out your skin. (Drunk Elephant Juju Bar)

Inflamed, red skin is never any fun and you can easily rid your skin of this with Korres' milk soap. This mild, creamy soap bar uses milk proteins to reduce inflammation and recover your skin. It will also leave your skin moisturized and smooth since it's formulated with almond oil. (Korres Milk Soap)

Anyone who's ever struggled with acne knows what a pain it is, not to mention all the different cleansers and such that you need to use to get rid of it. Well, this Clinique cleansing face and body soap makes life easier since it will help clear and prevent acne with encapsulated salicylic acid on your face AND body all with one little bar. (Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Face and Body Soap)

This treatment bar from Fresh is more than just a deep cleansing facial soap. You can use this baby as an instantly detoxifying mask, or even as a spot treatment for pesky blemishes. Umbrian Clay is derived solely from a town in Italy and has been used in skin treatments since the 6th century B.C. You know what they say... "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." (Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Treatment Bar)

For the gals who consider large or blocked pores an issue, this bar soap is for you. It was created with Dead Sea mud from the Jordan River and charcoal, plus has 26 essential minerals that help your skin to function properly. This bar works almost as a magnet for makeup, impurities and dirt. Talk about powerful. (Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar)

If you feel like your skin is as sensitive as it can get, Fresh Farmacy will be your holy grail. This calamine-based facial cleansing bar is made with rose, lavender, and tea tree to soothe, moisturize and treat your skin leaving it looking healthy and radiant. (Lush Fresh Farmacy; $9.95 at

This rich botanical soap is perfect for the gal who loves the beauty of nature and wants to translate that onto their skin. It's enriched with 36 botanical extracts that will work to balance your skin leaving it healthy, refreshed and, well, super clean. (Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Soap)

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