Found: the Best Eyeliner for Your Waterline

Alle Connell

Whether you want to go for broke with a bright liner, or embrace the full-on smokey eye, lining your waterline is absolutely essential for pulling any makeup look together. And that means you need the best eyeliner for your waterline—something that won’t smudge, smear or fade away as you blink.

I know that under normal circumstances, I would include five products that are truly the best in their class. But when it comes to the best eyeliner for your waterline, there is only one: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil ($20, Sephora).

How do I love this pencil? Let me count the ways. It’s soft and blendable without being too smudgy, which means you don’t have to press down hard to apply it. It sets quickly, even on the tricky surface that is your waterline, and once it’s there, it STAYS PUT. And no matter which color you choose, you get insanely rich, intense payoff.

Now let’s talk about those colors, because oh my god. There’s a mind-blowing 38 shades, ranging from classic (black, brown, grey) to out there (glittery turquoise, yellow). Every single one is a winner—the glittery shades tend to be a little “grittier” feeling than the classic mattes, but it’s an incredibly minor difference. My favorite colors, if I had to pick them, are Perversion (classic matte black), Chaos (intense cobalt blue) and Invasion (super-dark matte green), which I feel look especially amazing with my green eyes.

Using these pencils honestly couldn’t be easier—gently pull down on your undereye so that you can get to your lower waterline easily, then trace from the inner corner of your eye, right by the tear duct, to the outer. Then, holding your upper eyelashes very, very gently, roll back your upper lid so that you can get to the waterline easily and trace along that, too (making sure to also get in between the lashes to avoid gaps). If you feel like you want more color intensity, you can let the liner set for about ten seconds, then trace over it again. I especially recommend this for the purples and the light green shades—they get so much prettier with two layers of color!

And as for the wear, I’ve never found anything better. These pencils stay put through swims in the ocean, through allergy attacks, through the watery eyes you get from staring at a computer screen all day (the struggle is real) and drunk dance parties at weddings in the middle of summer. They are the be-all and end all, and if you love eyeliner, you need Urban Decay in your life.

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