Here’s How to Get the Best Eyebrows for Your Face Shape

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Here’s How to Get the Best Eyebrows for Your Face Shape
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We all know it’s true: amazing brows can make or break your entire look, and getting the best eyebrows for your face is absolutely crucial. But with so many options—thick, thin, arched, straight—how do you know which eyebrows are right for you? We talked with Cynthia Chua, owner of Browhaus salon, to find out just how to get the perfect brow for your face shape.

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Square Face: Demi Moore.
Bigger is better when it comes to square faces like Demi's. Chua recommends thick eyebrows for this face shape, which is best achieved by waxing or threading. It gives a more natural brow shape as it removes the hair strands in a row, ensuring the result is natural and neat but not overly defined, she says.

Square Face: Katie Holmes.
Since square faces already have a strong appearance, it's best to make your brows complement your face instead of contrasting with it, like Katie Holmes. Chua advises to align the peak of the brow with the widest angle of the jaw to balance out the strong jaw line.

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Round Face: Fergie.
For those with a round face like Fergie-Ferg, Chua recommends an arched eyebrow to create a more oval look. The high peak opens the eyes vertically to elongate the face.

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Round Face: Emma Watson
Tweezing is the best bet when trying to create that high arched look for a round face like Emma Watson's. "[Tweezing] is the better option if you are after a more sculptured look; it offers a more precise finish by removing hair strands individually," says Chua.

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Long Face: Sarah Jessica Parker.
For long faces like SJP's, Chua recommends flat, straight eyebrows.

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Long Face: Jenny McCarthy
To go along with those flat brows, Chua suggests a low arch for people like Jenny McCarthy who have a longer face because it helps open up their face sideways.

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Heart-Shaped Face: Reese Witherspoon.
Reese has the perfect brows for those with a heart-shaped face: a round arch to help soften her pointed chin, says Chua.

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Heart-Shaped Face: Kim Kardashian
Chua recommends grooming once every three weeks, or when hairs start to show for natural-looking and well-maintained brows like Kim K's.

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Oval Face: Cameron Diaz. Have an oval-shaped face like Cameron Diaz? You're in luck! Chua says that oval faces can handle most brow types. Because of the proportionate shape, it's easy to pull off a variety of brow shapes.

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Oval Face: Jessica Biel.
For DIY tweezing on an oval face like Jessica Biel's, Chua recommends doing so right after a warm shower. Your pores are open and your hair strands are softened by the head and humidity making the hair-removing process easier.

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