How to Fake Fluffy “Supermodel” Brows When You’re Not Naturally Endowed

Mia Maguire
How to Fake Fluffy “Supermodel” Brows When You’re Not Naturally Endowed
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I–along with a slew of makeup artists–believe that brows are the centerpiece of any beauty look and help to frame your face, while accenting your facial features. However, if you’re like me and was not only not dealt a lucky set of cards when it comes to fullness. Of course, this sparseness was also compounded thanks to my poor judgement in middle school when I decided to try the ’90s sperm brow look that Kate Moss sported, and over-plucked my way to everlasting damage. Anyway, irrevocable teenage beauty mistakes aside, I can say that with years of practice and plenty of product trial-and-error, I’ve effectively learned how to fake my way to full brows, and have discovered some of the best eyebrow products for sparse brows in the process.

I admit that while I tend to keep my everyday makeup look (and routine, for the matter) pretty simple, I am pretty elaborate–even methodical— when it comes to my brows. I’s the one step that I’ll fuss about and the one product(s) aside from my trusted matte liquid lippie that I will simply not the leave the house without.My full routine includes a pencil to fill in gaps, a tinted brow gel with volumizing microfibers to add texture that I use to shape and brush up my brows with a spoolie and finally, a clear brow gel to soften any areas I went overboard with (and I often do), add a bit of definition, and “set” them into place. Whether you’re blessed with delightfully bushy brows and looking for a few products to keep them groomed and in control, or have barely anything to work with, these trusty brow products will keep them looking full and groomed.

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1. WunderBrow Brow Gel

Wunder Brow Brow gel amazon


As someone obsessed with an over-the-top bushy brow that stays put all day, I can attest to this product’s unparalleled staying power — it really does last for at least 24 hours. This fiber-infused and ultra buildable tinted brow gel is hands-down my favorite that I’ve ever used.

2. Maybelline Tattoo Studio Brow Pomade



If you’re looking for a long-wearing formula that allows for the utmost precision (and therefore, is ultra buildable) this drugstore pomade won’t let you down. It also offers a decent shade range to accomodate for a variety of shades and undertones.

3. Lime Crime Bushy Brow Precision Pen



If you’re looking for a more natural looking brow and a fool proof application process, this precision pen is the perfect way to mimic the same texture and volume of natural brow hairs without having to think twice. It fills in sparse spots, adds color and volumizes without looking like you’re wearing product.

4. TrèStiQue Brow Definer Pencil & Tint Eyebrow Gel



This fool-proof 3-in-1 brow definer gives you one pencil, tinted gel and a user-friendly spoolie brush in one compact design. This “triple threat” brow product gives you definition, volume and fullness and dries down in just seconds. It’s a great on-the-go brow product that doesn’t sacrifice performance or wear time for easy application.

5. Benefit 24 Hour Clear Brow Setting Gel



This invisible clear brow gel helps you shape and set your final brow look into place, and keep them in tact for up to 24 hours. Of course, you can also use this alone to brush up your brows and keep them groomed as well. Unlike many clear brow formulas, this one dries down within 30 seconds or less and doesn’t clump or flake throughout the day.