The Best Nude Lip Color Was Actually Hiding In Your Drugstore

Sable Yong

nyx simply nude lip cream 06 sable The Best Nude Lip Color Was Actually Hiding In Your Drugstore

Nude lipstick has never been an easy shade to master – in theory, it sounds great to have a simple shade to tweak our look, but in reality it never looks quite right when it’s on. Luckily, you don’t need to spend a fortune to find a nude that works for you – the best drugstore nude lipstick has been hiding under your nose all along.

NYX’s Simply Nude Lip Creams help to enhance your skin tone instead of wash you out, which is typically the issue when it comes to a pale lip color. The key here is that this product lets your true lip color show through just a bit, making the “nude” aspect more seamless and natural, so you don’t run the risk of having “mannequin lips.” Plus, you can apply the lip creams as sheer as you’d like, or layer and build on the color to get the hue you’re looking for.

Available in a crayon applicator (which let’s face it, is the easiest way to apply lip color, period) NYX sells Simply Nude in six tones, denoting them from warm to cool to flatter every skin tone. They wear with the consistency of a semi-matte lip color, but feel like a creamy balm on your lips. It’s as if they were made for 90s-inspired makeup selfies.

NYX has a loyal makeup junkie following, so if you’re not totally sure which of these six shades will work for you, all you need to do is check out the reviews section of their website (or the brand’s Instagram!) and you’ll find plenty of selfie testaments to the versatility of these colors on all different skin tones.

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