5 Drugstore Detanglers That Get the Job Done

Leah Faye Cooper

Your hair, time and sanity have likely all been compromised at some point by tangles. Important as it is to wash and condition—and as fun as it can be to wear an intricate hairstyle—the result is often a head full of knots. If this scenario is all too familiar, adding a detangler to your hair care routine may be the answer to your woes. We can vouch for these five, all of which you can find at the drugstore. You have some shopping to do, no?

Paul Mitchell detangler

Photo: Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell Lite Detangler ($14, drugstore.com)

Ideal for fine to medium hair, this fragrance-free spray is infused with extracts from Hawaiian awapuhi plants, which condition away tangles and add shine. It also works as a volumizer.

Kinky-Curly Knot Today

Photo: Kinky-Curly

Kinky-Curly Knot Today ($12, walgreens.com)

Nourishing marshmallow root and mango extract are among ingredients in this sweet-smelling conditioner. A favorite among those with thick, coarse and/or curly hair, it detangles in seconds and can be used as a rinse-out or leave-in.

Not Your Mother's detangler

Photo: Not your Mother’s

Not Your Mother’s Knotty to Nice Conditioning Detangler ($5, drugstore.com)

When liberally spritzed onto hair, Knotty to Nice’s keratin-rich formula unravels even the peskiest tangles. It can be used on wet or dry tresses, making it a great every day product.

Giovanni Direct

Photo: Giovanni

Giovanni Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner ($6, drugstore.com)

Made from a host of moisturizing botanicals—including aloe vera, sunflower seed oil and grapefruit extract—this organic leave-in works on all hair types, softening hair to its smoothest, most manageable state.

Shea Moisture detangler

Photo: Shea Moisture

Shea Moisture African Water Mint Leave-In Detangler ($12, cvs.com)

African water mint, ginger and charcoal are among ingredients that combine to make this game-changing product. Not only does it banish tangles, but it detoxifies the scalp while providing an invigorating, tingling sensation. In short, you can feel it working.

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