This Diet Is the Most Effective for Weight Loss, According to New Survey

This Diet Is the Most Effective for Weight Loss, According to New Survey
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Diets are like babies—if your life revolves around them, your conversations do, too. (Just ask STYLECASTER site director Lauren Caruso, who gushes over pictures of her toddler nephew every third hour). And, just like with diets, parents love to brag that their baby is the absolute best baby of all other babies to ever be born (cough, Lauren).

Unfortunately, we have no way of proving baby excellence, so, sure, your kid is the best. Congrats. But, thanks to a new survey of dieters, we do have a pretty good idea of which diet is the most effective one to try, and no feelings were hurt in the process of finding out.

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In a survey of more than 2,500 people, Kettle & Fire (a bone-broth company—a.k.a. not at all a scientific journal, but still), asked whether or not each of the four most-popular diets—paleo, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free—helped them achieve their “personal health and fitness goals.” The dieters were allowed to respond with “yes,” “no,” or “not sure.” The winner? The paleo diet, which had the highest percentage (nearly 62 percent) of “yes” responses.

In second place came the gluten-free diet with 61 percent, though, oddly, it also received the highest percentage of “no” responses (29 percent), and the lowest amount of “unsure” responses (nearly 10 percent). All of which could mean that the gluten-free diet was very polarizing for participants—either it hardcore, unequivocally worked for some people, or it did absolutely nothing for others, with very few wishy-washy “well, I think it helped a tiny bit” responses as seen in the other diets.

Of course, we feel the need to point out that this survey should, by no means, be taken as legit science, since there are a billion biases and polling factors that could skew answers. But if you’re looking for a new diet to try that at least a few thousand people swear by, then paleo is your winner. Or, like, don’t diet at all and just love your badass body the way it is. We’re also totally cool with that, too.

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