The 5 Deep Conditioners That Coddled My Fried Hair to Silky Nirvana

Cady Lang

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For the past year, my most complicated relationship has been with my hair. After chopping off almost 10 inches and bleaching it every six weeks, it’s responded pretty much how you’d expect: by silently cursing and crying out for some much-needed TLC. My once wash-and-wear hair routine is a distant memory, lost in the deluge of powders, oils, and creams that I now daily apply to assuage the horrors of lots and lots of peroxide.

The one product that I’ve relied on most since the day my hair morphed into straw is deep conditioner. Suffice it to say I’ve tried every variation and every brand that’s made its way into our beauty closet to the point that our beauty editor simply deposits them on my desk as soon as they arrive.

Along the way, I’ve found some true winners that have magically repaired my fried strands to some semblance of their former health—and I feel compelled to divulge the best ones. See the five best deep conditioners that’ll work overtime to transform your poor, maltreated hair below.

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Kérastase Créme Chronologiste, $65

To be blunt, I f*ck with this deep conditioner. So much in fact, that I’ve started using it every time I wash my hair, post-shampoo and conditioner instead of the once-a-week I’d formerly committed to. It not only leaves my hair feeling silky, soft, and smooth, but I’ve noticed that I’ve had less breakage and that my hair feels stronger. The $65 cost makes me cry on the inside, but as soon as I touch my ultra-soft hair, I know I’ll definitely fork over the money for the next jar.

(Image: Ulta)

Pureology Hydrate Hydra Whip mask, $50

Pureology’s all-natural and color-friendly formulas have been the go-to for my very bleached and brittle hair. Its deep-conditioning mask refreshed and restored my ultra-dry mane without making it feel heavy or greasy, which is a definite possible side effect of most deep conditioners.

(Image: Target)

L’Oréal Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm, $5.99

L’Oréal’s formula feels like you’re putting clotted cream all over your hair—in the absolute best way possible. It also promises to erase one year’s worth of damage in just one use—and while I don’t know about all that, it definitely made my wiry hair feel softer and added some sheen to my desperately dry hair. Plus at about five bucks a pop, it’s definitely the best beauty bang for your buck.

(Image: Klorane)

Klorane Mask with Mango Butter, $24

I’d been a huge fan of Klorane’s under-eye patches and dry shampoo for a while now, so when I picked up a jar of its mango butter conditioner, I hoped I found another beauty winner. Thankfully, it didn’t disappoint. The conditioner left my hair soft and shiny—and since it’s available at drugstores basically everywhere, I’ll never have a head of straw again.

(Image: Amazon)

(Image: Amazon)

Spectrum coconut oil , $15.83

Not to be the girl who’s like, “coconut oil solves all problems!” but seriously, nothing works better to remedy truly parched hair. Grab a dollop of coconut oil and work it into your parched strands starting at the ends and leave it on for an hour or two (or put down a towel and sleep with it on if you dare) and your hair will feel intensely moisturized and smooth. Best upside of using coconut oil? It doesn’t have to be fancy—I used the jar that I keep in the kitchen for cooking and basically everything else.