Dark Spot Correctors You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune On (but Still Totally Work)

Augusta Falletta
Dark Spot Correctors You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune On (but Still Totally Work)
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Having a pimple is not fun, but at least blemishes come and go—but when a zit turns into a dark spot, however, the annoyance can last a whole lot longer. Yup, dark spots are the worst, and it’s not just pimples that cause them. There’s a whole host of reasons behind the little marks of terror, and erasing them is not easy. But it’s not impossible, either.

True, some hyperpigmentation can be severe enough that it needs to be treated by a dermatologist, but there are a ton of dark spot correctors out there that do help—and are totally worth shelling out the cash for.

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First, a little background on why you might have dark spots in the first place.


Sometimes the luck of the draw may not actually be so lucky—skin can just have uneven pigment naturally. Often spots can fade away with time, but some stay unless they’re treated.

Sun Damage

Easily prevented by using a strong enough SPF (all year long, not just in the summer) but if you already have dark spots from sun damage, there is still hope.

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Acne Scars

As much as you may want to end a pimple’s life immediately, it’s best not to touch it. Popping zits can lead to scarring and dark spots that are a significantly bigger pain in the ass than the original pimple. Fair warning.

Up ahead, we’ve rounded up the best dark spot correctors in every price range.

Originally published October 2012. Updated September 2017.