Soothing Cuticle Creams for Manicure-Ready Nails and Hands

Alicia Kort
Soothing Cuticle Creams for Manicure-Ready Nails and Hands
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A red and painful hangnail can ruin your entire day. You accidentally brush it against something and get a twinge of pain. If your cuticles and hands are dry, this probably happens to you a lot. Brittle nails and dry cuticles can cause more hangnails. If you use a cuticle cream, your skin will be fortified by a combination of vitamins and hydrated by a combination of oils. Your nails will get stronger and grow, your hands will get softer and your cuticles will be protected. Protected from what? 

It isn’t only important to keep your cuticles moisturized from an aesthetic POV, though. When your skin around your cuticles are brittle, dirt can get underneath and infect hangnails. Those infections are not fun. You don’t want them. 

We found the best cuticle creams for you. These hard-working nail products accomplish three things at once, which is rare for a beauty product. You’re lucky if you get one box checked off. Our picks include a slew of natural ingredients that you will recognize. The creams are hydrating without being too greasy, and they smell fresh and clean without being too overwhelming.

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1. Burt's Bees Natural Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

Made out of cleansing lemon oil, Vitamin E and sunflower oil, this cuticle cream ticks all of the boxes. The .6 oz. tin is full of a cream that removes dirt, softens your cuticles and also moisturizes them. All of this happens in one single beauty product. The only thing you need to do is wash your hands and then apply it. Say goodbye to brittle nails.

Burt's Bees 100% Natural Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

Image: Amazon.

2. Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream

There’s nothing more annoying than a painful hangnail. This massage cream from Sally Hansen softens and relaxes angry hangnails and rough cuticles. Made out of apricot oil, this luxurious cream dries non-greasy and leaves your hands smelling faintly fruity all day. The treatment helps keep your nails manicure ready.

Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream

Image: Amazon.

3. Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Moisturizing Hand & Cuticle Cream

Packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, this cuticle cream both protects and moisturizes your hands and cuticles. It’s made out of virgin coconut oil and doesn’t contain any parabens, so you’ll get those sweet-smelling hands while softening your hands. The cream doesn’t only hydrate and heal your cuticles, it also works on the rest of your hands. The seller recommends using it twice a day.

Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Moisturizing Hand & Cuticle Cream

Image: Amazon.

4. Caswell-Massey Dr. Hunter’s Cuticle Cream

This soothing, all-natural cream calms down your cuticles. If you suffer from cracking or splitting nails, this cream will help with those. It contains natural essential oils and beeswax, rather than harsh parabens and sulfates. It was originally invented in 1752, so it’s a cream with a long history.

Caswell-Massey Dr. Hunter’s Cuticle Cream

Caswell Massey.