10 Wash-and-Go Cleansers That Take EVERYTHING Off

Rachel Krause

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Some nights, you just want to eschew that comprehensive 12-step skin care routine and stand over the sink, splash your face with water, and fall into bed instead. But if you’re a daily makeup-wearer, whether it’s a face full of foundation or a refusal to leave the house with mascara, most single-step cleansers don’t provide the full down-and-dirty clean you need to not wake up with five zits and a dry spot on your chin.

We get it—and that’s where these cleansers come in. A single wash with one of these babies will set you free from pore-clogging dirt and oil, and your makeup, too. We knew there had to be a happy medium in between a 45-minute moisturizing regimen and falling asleep with lipstick on.

indie lee rosehip cleanser 10 Wash and Go Cleansers That Take EVERYTHING OffIndie Lee Rosehip Cleanser, $32
Extremely gentle, lightly foaming, and smelling like a damn rose garden, this cleanser is as soothing and luxurious as they come. Because of the high concentration of sodium olivate, a fatty acid derived from olives, eye makeup just slides right off. You can use it regularly to wash your brushes, too.

aveeno ultra calming foaming cleanser 10 Wash and Go Cleansers That Take EVERYTHING OffAveeno Ultra-Calming Foaming Cleanser, $6.79
This calming cleanser keeps skin balanced, soothed, and hydrated while lifting away dirt, oil, and all kinds of makeup. It definitely won’t leave you with that squeaky clean feeling—but that is, of course, a good thing.

dr jart dermaclear micro foam 10 Wash and Go Cleansers That Take EVERYTHING OffDr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Foam Cleanser, $22
When mixed with water, this traditional cleanser becomes turns into a gentle foam with tons of dense, tiny bubbles. It’s incredibly mild, so all skin types will find it suitable, and it uses a calming herb complex and hydrating ingredients to keep skin on its very best behavior.

chanel le blanc makeup remover 10 Wash and Go Cleansers That Take EVERYTHING OffChanel Le Blanc Brightening Tri-Phase Makeup Remover, $60
Unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else, this makeup-removing cleanser doesn’t foam; rather, it goes on like a gel cleanser, turns to an oil, and then rinses off easily like a lotion. It leaves skin completely cleansed of makeup and feeling so soft it’s stupid.

caudalie instant foaming cleanser 10 Wash and Go Cleansers That Take EVERYTHING OffCaudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser, $28
This no-bullshit cleanser is pretty much everything you’d ever need out of a simple, straightforward wash that takes every trace of dirt and makeup off with it. It’s 99% natural, and the blend of grape extracts, sage, and chamomile just leaves skin looking and feeling straight-up fresh.

murad refreshing cleanser 10 Wash and Go Cleansers That Take EVERYTHING OffMurad Refreshing Cleanser, $36
Refreshing, indeed: Cucumber, Hawaiian ginger, and algae make this soothing, softening cleanser just as rejuvenating as you’d hope. It’s a must-have for dry skin that breaks out easily because it keeps skin comfortable and hydrated without clogging pores or over-hydrating.

glamglow supercleanse 10 Wash and Go Cleansers That Take EVERYTHING OffGLAMGLOW Supercleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser, $39
This heavy-duty “mud to foam” cleanser (it goes on black!) seriously sucks the oils and impurities out of pores and annihilates makeup, too. Once it’s washed away, skin is smoother, clearer, and overall better—but your sink be in need of a serious cleaning.

boscia purifying cleansing gel 10 Wash and Go Cleansers That Take EVERYTHING OffBoscia Purifying Cleansing Gel, $28
A potion of green tea, amino acids, and hydrangea leaf works to purify and condition the skin while imparting antioxidant benefits that reduce inflammation. It washes away any and all makeup quickly and easily, and quells irritation, too.

first aid beauty face cleanser 10 Wash and Go Cleansers That Take EVERYTHING OffFirst Aid Beauty Face Cleanser, $20
A solid choice for all skin types and troubles, this extremely mild cleanser comes in the form of a rich, gently foaming cream that removes makeup and grime. It preserves the skin’s natural oils and balances pH, so just a few uses will put your well on your way to chilled-out skin.

dr dennis gross cleansing foam 10 Wash and Go Cleansers That Take EVERYTHING OffDr. Dennis Gross Skincare All-In-One Cleansing Foam, $36
This cleanser is not messing around as far as deep pore-cleansing goes, but you wouldn’t know it based on how gentle it is and how well it removes makeup without over drying. It’s a one-size-fits-all cleanser; you basically can’t go wrong.