Here’s What All Your Favorite Celebrities Were Up to This Weekend

Rachel Krause

Happy Monday! Now presenting: an only slightly voyeuristic look at what your favorite celebrities were up to this weekend. While we were cleaning our kitchens and walking the dog, Chrissy Teigen drank rum out of a coconut and Miley Cyrus tried on wild wigs. Fortunately for us, they were willing to share it all on Instagram. Check it out—and come back next week to see even more of your faves getting their weekend on.

Between the soft pink lip, bold brows, gorgeous earrings, and subtle fake freckles (!) Alessandra Ambrosio wore behind the scenes this weekend, we’re head over heels for this whole look.

It’s been years since Miley Cyrus ditched her long hair in favor of her signature blonde pixie, so seeing the actress in this long, curly red wig was the last thing we expected.

Zoe Saldana celebrated Fitness Friday by showing off her yoga skills, and an inspirational quote to go along with it.

It looks like January Jones loved her pastel blue winged liner look at the Fox All-Star party just as much as we did.

Katherine Heigl has been blonde forever, but this white-out platinum shade is a new one for her—and we’re loving it (and so is her hubby, Josh Kelley).

Speaking of platinum, Lady Gaga seems to have gotten her roots done… and is suffering for it. We know that feeling.

We don’t know what we love more about this photo of Gigi Hadid: the perfect dark lip, the similarly flawless winged liner, or her new blue dip-dye tips?

Perfect life-haver Chrissy Teigen spent a weekend in paradise sipping rum out of a coconut. Again.

We’re pushing the end of summer here (we know, we know), and Katy Perry took the fall-fighting efforts into her own hands by lightening her strands to the perfect warm-weather ombré.

Kate Upton‘s hair and makeup for this W Korea shoot is so Marilyn 2015.